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Damarea Leah Ogbuewu(Chinese:陈涵 born August 8,2005; Age 16 years), better known in China as Chen Han is a Chinese-American actress and influencer. She began her career in 2021 after she landed the lead role in the Chinese comedy 'Meet You in Beijing' (2022). She once landed the role in the reboot of The Karate Kid, but left the cast for a new movie. She appeared as a newborn baby in the 2005 film San Wa that starred Jackie Chan.

Early Life and Education

Han was born in Columbia, South Carolina to an American-Chinese parent, and an African dad. Her mother is a physician and her dad was a consultant. Her father immigrated to the United States in the year 2000 from Greece after traveling from Nigeria. She was given the nickname Hui (Clever, intelligent)because of her intellect and creativeness. Her younger sister came two years after her. Han was raised in a town called Irmo until she moved to Shanghai, China at the age of four. Since then, she recalled becoming an exchange student to foreign countries. During this time, she learned three languages fluently, later learning her fourth language. She attended Pine Grove Elementary School for two years, and then attended Concordia International School Shanghai until the year 2015 when she moved back to South Carolina to attend a school in Columbia. In 2019 she attended Dutch Fork High School in Irmo South Carolina and then Dreher High School in 2020 before moving back to China. This time she moved to Beijing.

Background and Ancestry

Han was originally known to be Nigerian-American until a video surfaced on social media of the actress removing her makeup. Nigerian users then began to 'disown' Han because of her facial features, that didn't match the Nigerian nationality. Ogbuewu then began to embrace her Chinese ancestry, and began using her cultural name of Chen which means 'morning' in Chinese. She is known now to speak four fluent languages and the Nigerian dialect of [Igbo].


Though Han wasn't formally known through the music industry, she did began releasing music through the American video platform, YouTube. Her songs include, 'Christmas This Year', 'Into The Unknown', and 'Bless The Rains', which was removed from her channel a year after it was released.


Han played soccer as a kid followed by gymnastics and tennis. At the age of eleven, she broke the growth plates in both of her elbows, resulting in her leave from international sports