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Micronauts character
Mego Centuaurus on card
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 issue 22, Marvel Comics
Created by

Release number

Aliases Centauria, Skarrex
Species Centaurus
Occupation Gladiator

  • Energy blasts
  • Superhuman speed

Death Squad (Marvel Comics)
Dark Storm (Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space)

Centurus is a fictional character from the Micronauts series introduced in 1979. Centaurus is sometimes depicted as an individual, and sometimes as a race.


Centaurus is a villain character in the Micronauts series. He is sometimes depicted as an alien race and sometimes as an individual.


Centaurus was designed by California R&D for Mego.

The Antron figure was depicted in early concepts with a gun similar to the one eventually released with Repto and shield similar to those eventually released with Centaurus.

Centaurus was released by Mego in 1979. It was also released by Gig.

According to Bryan Wilkinson on Facebook the colors of the black and purple Palisades Centaurus were modeled after the Terraphant. He said he sees that figure as manning the gunner turret on Terraphant. Several recolors and accessories for Centaurus were proposed, but never used.[1]

In 2018 several parts for Centaurus were released on Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.


Fictional biography

The Conquering Gladiator From the Remote Planet of Equestris


1979 Marvel Comics

The Death Squad in Micronauts volume 1 number 35 by Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Comics Micronauts series the Centaurus were a race of centaur-like beings from Homeworld. They were depicted as having human heads, but wore helmets which resembled the horse heads of the toy.

In issue 26 Prince Pharoid reported that the Centaurus of Aegypta in the Sand Zone had become openly hostile.

One female Centaurus who first appeared in issue 35 was a member of the Death Squad. Known as Centauria she originated from Homeworld's Sandzone and was altered in the Body Banks for battle. She carried a lasersonic rifle. She fought Marionette, but was defeated in close combat with the princess.

Centauria and the Death Squad fought the Micronauts again in issue 47 and 48.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Centaurus, and they have not appeared again the Marvel Universe.

2004 Image Comics

A group of bounty hunters including Antron, Centaurus, Kronos, Lobros, Membros and Repto briefly fought Micronauts when they arrived in Chicago during Baron Karza's invasion in Micronauts volume 1 number 8 by Image Comics.

2016 IDW Publishing

Centaurus appears as a minion of Membros. He fought Acroyear in Wrath of Karza 2.[2]

2018 Protectors of Inner Space

A Centaurus named Skarrex appeared on the cover of issue 31 of the Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space art series by Bryan Vox. A "berserker Centaurus horde" appeared on the cover of issue 34.


Centaurus appeared in a 1979 toy commercial along with the other 5 Micronauts alien action figures. He was described as "The Warhorse".[3]


  • Mego Micronauts Centaurus (1979)
A new 1:18 scale mold. Comes with a shield, laser crossbow and removable glow-in-the-dark brain. Unlike most Micronauts figures, which feature 5mm holes in the feet, Centaurus features 3mm holes in his hooves.
Centaurus was remolded into Lords of Light Equestrain.
The shield was reused for Emperor Dementia.[4]
The head and shield of Centaurus were to be reused on the unproduced Palisades figure Anuboid.
Two laser crossbows were used for the character Repto-X.
  • Gig Micronauti Centaurus
A release of the Mego toy in Italy by Gig.
  • Palisades Micronauts Centaurus (2003)
Comes the shield, laser crossbow and brains. Includes a new gas mask and saddle.
Comes in four color variants produced in equal numbers: Black/blue, black/purple, translucent red/black and translucent yellow/red.



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