Cash Cartier

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Born United States of America
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur
Digital Marketer
Stock Trader
Social Media Influencer
Internet Personality
Ex Footballer

Cash Cartier (Kaleb Mickens) is an American serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, stock trader, social media influencer, investor, internet personality, and former footballer.[1] He currently leads his own sales business and works as an entrepreneur and an inspirational public speaker.[2]

Early Life

From quite a young age, he had always been a lover of the sport of football. He was lucky enough to play in the Indoor Football league, but he could not register any success. He laid his hands on a lot of things but after his unsuccessful stint in the Indoor Football League, things began to spiral from bad to worse.[3]


Prior to his success he went jod hunting and this landed him at a restaurant where he was responsible for washing plates, cleaning tables, and serving customers with food. In the cause of that job-hunting, he met his mentor. He finally found the breakthrough he needed, he met someone who took him as a mentee and taught him on forex trading and financial investment, and as soon as he was 22, he decided to start his own business. The training he received from his mentor was what he has relied upon to find his way through the world of forex trading. When he became a full-time trader, he charged himself with the task of accomplishing even more. In fact, it was during the process of trying to allowing his inner self to explore achieving other things that he found out he could also make it as a network marketer. His endeavours started raising attention and he was able to garner a huge following on his social media handles. Soon enough, he was considered as a major internet personality, who built a list of prolific clientele, looking for better digital marketing, search visibility and social media traction. He started travelling and coached people how to successfully trade forex to help them reach their goals and dreams. He also guides individuals on how to start a business, focus on savings and making better financial decisions. He has received a lot of coverage in America and across the world. Some of the major news media that have covered his events at one point or another are Forbes, IBtimes, Influencive, Benzinga, and Thrive Global.