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Type Private
Industry Metal Credit cards


Area served Worldwide
Products Custom metal credit cards


In 2020, CardRare was launched in Germany to let anyone with a plastic credit card to transform the card into a custom metal credit card.[1] Most metal credit cards have traditionally required consumers to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and membership has been highly exclusive. CardRare, on the other hand, aims to provide custom metal credit cards for costs as low as a few hundred dollars, making such cards accessible to a far larger audience.[2]


There are Premade Designs and Full Custom Card versions of CardRare Cards.[3] There are currently four colors offered:[4]

  • Matte Black
  • 24K Gold
  • Chrome Silver
  • Rose Gold

Full Custom Card

The Full Custom Crafted Card enables the customer to put any design they desire on the card. The design will be laser engraved on the metal card. [5]

CardCare+ Insurance

CardRare also offers a premium insurance option, including a 1-year plan for $99.[6]

The reasons to convert to metal credit cards

Metal credit cards reflect the cardholder's desire for style and prestige, as well as the desire to stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind customized items.

Many clients who desire plastic metal cards also want to fit in during critical business meetings. CardRare provides the ideal answer by allowing metal cards to be obtained at a very reasonable cost.

From the sleekness of the card to the speed with which it may be processed and sent, CardRare provides clients with superior services, including cards that can be shipped on the same day, both locally and internationally.

Metal cards, are easier to clean than plastic credit and debit cards. By cleaning your metal card with rubbing alcohol, you can destroy almost all of germs. [7]


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