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Transformers: Prime

Transformers character
Bumblebee promo.png
Transformers: Prime Bumblebee promo
Species Transformer

Shapeshifting, superhuman durability, superhuman strength

Alternate mode



Transformers: Generations

Cyberverse Legion, Deluxe Vehicles, Weaponizers
Tech specs

ST06 IN08 SP06 EN05

RN05 CO10 FB03 SK09

Fictional biography

Generations: Before he was the silent warrior he is today, Bumblebee was a nonstop chatterbox, charged with carrying the most vital Autobot communications. He was a fearless infiltrator of enemy lines who stuck to the shadows and faded into the background despite his bright yellow armor. His spirit was unbreakable and his friendly humor was invaluable during the first dark days of the war.
Prime Robots in Disguise: Bumblebee is a warrior and scout who serves as part of the elite squad commanded by Optimus Prime. Together with his human friend Raf, he stands as Earth's first line of defense against the evil Decepticons.

Animated series

Bumblebee in Transformers: Prime: Beast Hunters



  • Generations War For Cybertron Deluxe Bumblebee
This toy is designed to look like Bumblebee as he appeared in the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game. Turns from robot to Cybertronian car. Comes with no accessories. This toy was later repurposed as Generation 1 Bumlebebee
  • Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Bumblebee
A new mold. Turns form robot to car. Comes with two blasters.