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Type Software Testing
Industry Software Testing
  • Md Nurul Hasnat
  • M F Nayem Chowdhury
Area served Bangladesh
  • Manual Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • API Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Desktop App Testing
  • Desktop App Testing
Owner(s) Md Nurul Hasnat
Website https://bugresistance.com/

Bug ResistanceVerified.png is one of the independent and leading software testing organizations in Bangladesh. We have realized that a software testing process covers more than thirty percent of the overall software product development cycle. That is why we have started our business to help clients by testing software with latest technologies. We always make a well-thought approach for testing any type of desktop, web, and mobile app.


  • Manual Testing -

Bug Resistance specializes in manual testing services, providing comprehensive solutions to ensure the quality, functionality, and usability of your software applications. Our experienced team of manual testers follows a meticulous approach to identify and address potential issues, bugs, and usability challenges, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Mobile Testing -

Bug Resistance provides thorough mobile app testing services to steer your digital approach while ensuring the desired user experience. Our best-in-class app testing services offer high usability, bug-free and interactive user experience, leading to higher conversion and Install Rate.

  • Web App Testing -

Bug Resistance is a trusted provider of web app testing services, dedicated to ensuring the quality, performance, and security of your web applications. Our skilled team of web app testers leverages industry-leading tools and methodologies to thoroughly assess and validate every aspect of your web application, ensuring a flawless user experience.

  • Regression Testing -

Regression testing is a continuous testing practice performed to ensure that the software performs the same way, as it did before making any changes. We offer strategic regression testing services to maintain the existing quality of the product, despite the addition of new features to the application.

  • API Testing -

At Bug Resistance, we offer a wide range of top-notch API Testing services to ensure a highly robust software application for your business. Our well-trained and highly experienced professional testers make sure that with our industry-standard API testing, your application meets the needs and requirements for your target audience.

  • Database Testing -

Bug Resistance is a leading database testing service provider dedicated to ensuring the robustness and reliability of your database systems. Our specialized team of expert testers employs cutting-edge methodologies and tools to thoroughly analyze and evaluate the functionality, performance, and security of your databases.

  • Desktop App Testing-

Bug Resistance is a premier provider of desktop app testing services, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure the quality and reliability of your desktop applications. Our skilled team of testing professionals is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to identify and address potential bugs, usability issues, and performance bottlenecks in your desktop apps.

  • Usability Testing -

The main focus of every successful business is to deliver the best user experience to their clients, and our usability testing services ensure the same. Our skilled usability testers have the expertise in performing thorough usability testing with high efficiency to achieve more customer loyalty.

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