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Buddy is a tomboy from the Challenge of the GoBots series who appeared in the episode "Whiz Kid" as a teenage genius.


Animated series

Buddy on Challenge of the GoBots

After inadvertently creating a device that could cause pain to GoBots, she was taken to UNECOM headquarters for questioning. Once satisfied that she was not working with the Renegades, Leader-1 ordered that she be taken home and not use the device again. However, Buddy insisted on continuing her experiment, hoping to earn favor in the eyes of the Guardians. She succeeded in affecting Cop-Tur only to be abducted and taken back to Rogue Star, where her device was used to take control of the Guardians except for Scooter, whom she had worked with Nick Burns to upgrade. Nick-who displayed an attraction to Buddy-worked with Scooter to rescue her, and together they managed to free the other Guardians from Cy-Kill's control before returning Buddy home yet again.

Fun Publications

Buddy later appeared in the Renegade Rhetoric installment "The Guardian Smashers", in which she was recruited along with other Guardian allies to stop the villainous Guardian Smashers, a group of human villains who had fought the Guardians previously. Calling themselves the Guardian Auxiliary League, they overcame the Guardian Smashers, with Buddy using her skills to reproduce Dr. Helstrom's Psychic Amplifier, which gave Mira Shaw the increased power needed to neutralize the Horn of Gabriel weapon being used by the villain. [1]


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