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Bud is a fictional character in the Transformers: Cybertron (called Transformers: Galaxy Force in Japan) cartoon series. He is a pre-teen boy who lives in Colorado. Along with their friend Lori, he and his older brother Coby befriended the Autobots after finding and aiding the damaged Landmine. Bud is a very imaginative boy, and a big fan of science fiction television shows and ninja movies. Bud and Coby have an older brother named Tim.

Unlike Coby, Bud enjoys horror movies and has on occasion teased his brother about it. While rather independent, Bud has on occasion been grateful for his older brother's presence. He is also quite jealous that Coby built himself a Rumble body to pilot.

Bud is normally voiced by Ryan Hirakida in Cybertron, although in some episodes his voice was performed by another actor; he is voiced by Nami Kurokawa in Galaxy Force.

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