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Heather Brooke Rinehart is an American woman who works in public relations.[1] She is best known for describing the shock of her arrest, and learning her husband had used her identity to steal $200000 from his employer.

Rinehart lost her matrimonial home and most of her personal belonging, and spent 90 days under house arrest, while awaiting her preliminary hearing.[1] While the press assumed that since he had used her name she was a partner in her husband's fraud, her parents and many of her friends t were very supportive. After the charges against her were dropped at her preliminary hearing Rinehart wrote an essay for The New York TimesTemplate:'s Modern Love column, "Sharing the Shame After My Arrest" describing the love her mother showed her.

The Essay was widely republished. Eight years after the essays original publication, Actress Anna Chlumsky recorded a podcast for The New York Times, reading it aloud.[2]

Personal life

Rinehart grew up in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.[3] She earned bachelor of science degrees in communication and sociology at Boston University.

Rinehart worked in public relations in New York City, following her graduation.[3]

Rinehart married John Bzdil III on September 15, 2007.[3]

On November 25, 2007, the Chicago Tribune used Rinehart and Bzdil as an example of young city dwellers who wanted to return to rural living.[4]

Husband's fraud




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