Bonus Casino (BA)

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Bonus Casino (BA)
Type Informative portal
Industry Gaming
Founded 2020

Bonus Casino is an internet portal with the purpose of educating those who study, play or follow the gambling industry that involves online casino games. It contains information on the offer of licensed online casinos in the online gambling market, as well as other features and information related to the gambling industry.[1]

The data on the Bonus Casino internet portal are focused on games such as mobile slots, table games, live croupiers (dealers), and those that stand out from retail (land) casinos are: poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.

The portal also provides information, statistics, tutorials, anecdotes, news, general necessities, explanations of graphic and technical features, about current and existing games and promotions, as well as announcements of new online casino promotions, tournaments, games. Reviews of online casino and mobile games, slot characters. Overview of jackpot bonuses, campaigns and promotions. Descriptions of almost all games of the most reputable providers that exist in the market of the online gaming and gaming industry.


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