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Transformers character
Box art of Blacker
Name Blacker
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Japanese voice actor Koji Totani
First appearance Transformers: Victory episode "The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber"
Alternate modes Dune buggy
Function Assistant Commander Knight
Gender Male
Motto "I don't make jokes, I make sense."
Partner Sala
Rank 9
Sub-group Brainmasters, Elite Guard

Blacker is a fictional character from the Transformers series. Introduced in 1989, he was one of the main character in the anime series Transformers: Victory, where he was voiced by Koji Totani. He should not be confused with Gripper, a similar looking character.

Transformers: Generation 1

Blacker functions as the second in command of the Autobots under the command of Star Saber. He is very serious.

Blacker combines with Braver and Laster to form Road Caesar.

His serious attitude sometimes keeps him apart for his more friendly troops.

In some fan-dubs of Transformers: Victory he is called "Gripper", the name of his European redeco toy.

Animated series

Blacker first appears in episode #1 of Transformers: Victory, "The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber". He serves with Multiforce on Earth under the command of Star Saber.[1]

Blacker appears in episode #7, "Explosion!! The Energy Base" where the Decepticons build a new base in the jungles of South America to store energy. Machtackle and Dashtacker inform Star Saber of the new base. Wingwaver suggests he take the other Multiforce members there to investigate, but Star Saber insists the Blacker lead them. Wingwaver chafes at how Blacker treats him like a kid. Transported to the jungle by Galaxy Shuttle Blacker leads the Multiforce to their target, but they are spotted by Yokuryu, who calls in the rest of the Dinoforce. Blacker leads the Decepticons away and sends the Multiforce to contact Star Saber for backup. Wingwaver sends Machtackle and Dashtacker back to Galaxy Shuttle, but refuses to leave Blacker behind. Worried about the lack of contact, Star Saber flies to South America to join them. As Blacker is being overpowered by the Dinoforce, Wingwaver comes to his rescue. The Decepticons decide to escape with the energy they have, but Star Saber arrives to stop them. Deathsaurus orders the Decepticons to leave the energy behind and instead blow it up, hoping to destroy the Autobots with it, but Star Saber is able to defeat Leozack before the Decepticon can set off the explosion. The Autobots then return to their base in Galaxy Shuttle.[2]

Blacker appears in episode #24 "Crisis! Ambush in the Desert." Greatshot patrolled the galaxy for Decepticons and came to Earth where he spotted the Thunder Arrow. The Dinoforce attacked an oil field in Saudi Arabia for its energy. Star Saber sent the Brainmasters and Micromaster Rescue Patrol in Galaxy Shuttle. When the Autobots arrived they were ambushed by the Breast Force. Braver and Laster found it difficult to maneuver in the desert sand. The Rescue Patrol freed the human prisoners from Kakuryu. The Brainmasters formed Road Caesar, but it didn't help. Greatshot came to the rescue as Star Saber called for help. Deathsaurus arrived to take his anger out on Greatshot. Blacker injured himself saving Greatshot from an attack. Star Saber and Greatshot took on Deathsaurus and the Breast Force. Fixit did field repairs on Blacker. The Breast Force retreated when they became too injured to combine. Star Saber damaged the Thunder Arrow and Deathsaurus retreated. Braver and Laster blew up Dinoforce's energon cube stockpile and the last of the Decepticons retreated.

In episode #25 "A Deadly Battle" Blacker recovers at the Autobot Shuttle Base under the care of the Rescue Patrol. God Ginrai contacts Star Saber from space wanting to know about Blacker's injuries and offering to help if the Autobots on Earth need him. The Breast Force focus their attacks on Star Saber and get the best of him. Blacker orders Braver and Laster to join in the fight, leaving him to protect the Shuttle Base.

Blacker appears in episode #26 "Ginrai Dies!!" where he follows his fellow Autobots into battle, despite his injuries.

In the Transformers: Zone animation Road Caesar is seen among other high-ranking Autobots (such as Landcross, Grand Maximus, Metalhawk, Lander, and the Autobot Godmasters) when Dai Atlas is sworn-in by Victory Saber as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces.


Dreamwave Productions

Blacker, Braver, Electro, Laster and Volt made cameos standing in a building on Cybertron in Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Generation 1 volume 3 #6, "Atonement".

Fun Publicatons

The Elite Guard Fast Attack Team - Blacker, Braver, Ranger and Laster

In the Fun Publications Wings of Honor stories Blacker is a member of the Elite Guard Fast Attack Team. He was killed by a battle with Bruticus.


  • Generation 1 Brainmaster Blacker C-320 (1989)
He was redecoed as Autobot Gripper, minus his combining parts. [3]


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