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{{Infobox person
{{Infobox person
| name              = Biswajit das
| name              = Biswajit das
| image              = Biswajit das.jpg
| image              = Biswajit_das.jpg
| caption            = Biswajit Das is an Indian Film Director.
| caption            = Biswajit Das is an Indian Film Director.
| birth_date        = 10 May 1986
| birth_date        = 10 May 1986

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Biswajit das

Biswajit Das is an Indian Film Director.
Born 10 May 1986
Tripura, India
Nationality Indian
Education Tripura University
Occupation Film Director
Organization Barsha Production
Style Action, Drama
Height 5' 10" (1.77 m)

Biswajit Das ( born:10 May 1986 Tripura, India) is an Indian Film Director. In 2016 he started the journey in the filmy world with the shooting of a Bengali feature film named "Bolona bhalobashi".In 2018 this film got released in multiplex with a huge positive response of spectators. On later he made various short films like "Kill Black energy","Atmanirbhar","Na noy nari","Sei Kalodin".In 2021 his Bengali short film "Na noy nari"got awarded in Asia pacific international film festival. Now he is moving towards future with a lot of project which will capture a significant place in film industry..

Early Life

He is born in a simplistic Bengali family in Tripura. He completed his graduation in Physics honours .Later he took also admission in Tripura University .From childhood he had a passion to create something special cultural projects  for his state as well as country. He left no stone unturned to do this and also succeeded to do this.



Year Title Role(s) Language Awards Genre Notes Ref(S)
2016 Bolona Bhalobashi Director Bengali -- Drama
2021 Na Noy Nari Director Bengali Best negative role Drama
2021 Kill Black Energy Director Bengali Winner Horror
2022 Sei Kalodin Director Bengali NA Drama - Family


He graduated from Graduation in 2007 from M.B.B. college. B.Ed in 2013 .



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