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BigyanPriyo Verified.png
Industry Education Technology
Founded Bangladesh
(01 December 2018 (01 December 2018))
Headquarters 24BC, Krishnocura Housing, Shahid Minar Road, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Key people Muhammad Shawon Mahmud (Founder)

BigyanPriyo Verified.png is a Bangladeshi science-based educational platform founded in 2018 by Muhammad Shawon Mahmud[1]. This platform produces concise, meaningful infographics and videos about scientific breakthroughs [2]; provides authentic science news, blogs and opportunities to nearly 70,000 subscribing visitors, the 250+ alumni, and millions of unique online visitors and social media followers. BigyanPriyo's work in science communication gained the attention of science news sources and social media users alike in Bangladesh.[3]


Muhammad Shawon Mahmud, a graduate student in Physics from Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka[2], founded the platform in 2018 with the goal of informing the learners about scientific achievements. Although initially the entire activity was based online, the platform prepared several public awareness field campaign during the Corona epidemic in 2021[4] and launched a campaign project called 'SaveTeens' [5] in school colleges to ensure the safety of teenagers in the physical, mental and internet world towards the end of 2021. His images have accrued large numbers of followers on popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram with over 1.5 million weekly views.[3]


  1. The platform is most popular for their freshly brewed video contents. They create perceptible documentary videos which have gained popularity in Bangladesh in a very short time. As of 28 July 2021, they had over 2 billion total views and over 637,000 followers on their Facebook page. After the previous page was hacked, the second page has over 6.3 million total views and over 76,000 total followers.[2]
  2. The platform is famous for their own publication, "NEBULA", a science-based e-magazine in Bangla language. The first edition of the magazine, which was published on February 21, 2022, had about 20,000 copies downloaded from their website.[2]
  3. The platform also hosting a website where blogs, science news, quiz programs and all institutional updates are available.
  4. Besides, they host a podcast program called ‘Branding Science’, which is about hearing the stories of people representing unsophisticated science.[2]


  1. In 2021, BigyanPriyo launched a project named "SaveTeens", which runs campaigns at various school colleges to ensure the health protection and emotional stability of teenagers. They successfully organized the first program in 2021, at the Iqra Vidyaniketan School in Dhaka. The program was sponsored by Dr Rhäzēs, (Believe Pte. Ltd.) Havelock Rd, Singapore.[5][2]
  2. Also in 2021, BigyanPriyo hosted a workshop on coronavirus safety with about street children and low-income people, where hand sanitizers and surface disinfectant sprays were distributed. [4][6]

Vision of BigyanPriyo[2]

BigyanPriyo aims to provide a free personalized learning experience, The "Team BigyanPriyo" is working selflessly for the purpose of making science more popular and enjoyable in all corners of the country. [3] There are innumerable innovations in science and technology in Bangladesh. Numerous Bengalis have been the cause of pride in science. The Team BigyanPriyo wants to share those research and inspiration with every science enthusiasts in the marginal areas of Bangladesh. In the future, BigyanPriyo is willing to build their own app, research and publications, effectively deliver appropriate applications of science to students, and implement free science travel projects for the disadvantaged learners.


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