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Beast Machines is the sequel series to Beast Wars in the Transformers franchise, and known in its second season as Beast Machines: Battle for the Spark.


After defeating Megatron at the end of the Beast Wars and locating an Autobot shuttle for travel home, the surviving Maximals under Optimus Primal return to Cybertron only for Megatron to escape in flight and make it back before them and take over the planet. The Maximals are then ambushed on arrival with two of their number-Rhinox and Silverbolt-falling into Megatron's clutches alongside the vast majority of Cybertron's inhabitants. The remaining crew members-Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, and Blackarachnia-are then led to the Oracle, an ancient supercomputer that transforms them into new techno-organic forms to safeguard them from Megatron's transformation-freezing virus and scanning abilities while they are in beast mode. They then embark on a campaign to liberate their homeworld from Megatron's clutches while also seeking to reformat Cybertron into a new world with its own organic life.