Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar

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Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar
Native name Чулуунбаатарын Бавуусүрэн
Born May 30, 1989 (1989-05-30) (age 34)
Nationality Mongolian
Citizenship Mongolia
Organization Virtual Union LLC
Height 178 cm
Spouse Nyamsuren Ganbaatar
Children Khuslen Bavuusuren

Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar (Бавуу Бийрчин, Бийрчин,biirchin,bavuu biirchin,Чулуунбаатарын Бавуусүрэн) (born 30 May 1989), commonly known as Biirchin, is a Mongolian serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and influencer.[1] He is the founder of Virtual Union LLC, a leading digital marketing and IT firm based in Mongolia, CEO of Dragon's Breath Mongolia chain Bubble Tea shop and Ice cream shop.

Bavuusuren is amongst the fastest-growing Entrepreneurs in the world who has gained recognition for posting social messages and content related to social media, social media marketing, making Instagram Filter using SparkAR. He is considered a major influencer, credited for his unique and inventive technique in handling rappers and artists' music videos and content distribution under the "Biirchin" moniker, which has helped him become a global presence.

Early life and education

Bavuusuren was born May 30, 1989 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Chuluunbaatar Tserendorj and Enkhtsetseg Baljinnyam. From a young age, he developed a liking for computers and began programming at the age of 15. His parents worked abroad therefore, Bavuusuren spent most of his early childhood with his grandmother. After graduating from high school in 2007, Bavuusuren pursued a degree in IT engineering at the Huree University of ICT and completed his studies in 2011.


Bavuusuren began his career in 2011, right after graduating from college. He joined Mongol Mining as an IT engineer where he worked for approximately a year and then joined Empasoft as a system administrator. After two years, Bavuusuren decided to start his entrepreneurial journey and established Virtual Union.

Virtual Union is an IT service company based in Ulaanbaatar. He acquired the seed funding from angel investors and since 2013 has been offering IT Outsourcing services with a specialized IT team based on professional Microsoft Certified engineers.

Bavuusuren has also been learning AR technology since 2019 and is also an augmented reality specialist who has gained recognition for his diverse range of filters that intend advertising for businesses.

Bavuusuren also hosts a lifestyle podcast called HR Management Lab's Podcast Speaks, which focuses on his life's hardships, triumphs, and several other issues of his life. On March 15, 2020, the first episode of this podcast was released on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as in video format on YouTube.


Bavuusuren has won the leading young businessman award two times in a row (2019-20).

Personal life

Bavuusuren is married to Nyamsuren Ganbaatar and they have a daughter named Khuslen. He is fluent in Mongolian, English, and Korean.

In the media

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