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Native name Barak Jacques
Born 27 January 1991

Barak Jacques (born January 27, 1991) is a serial entrepreneur, Author, Podcast host, speaker, business consultant, influencer, and digital marketing expert. Jacques is the founder of 26 Mobile Electronics, an electronics and mobile company founded in Shenzhen, China, and has headquarters in Hong Kong. A few years later, he founded MiCargo International, an advanced algorithm features-based shipping app, and JB Promotion and Ads, an agency for promotional products and custom-made corporation gifts. [1] [2]

Jacques is best known for being the co-founder of Keek Ai, a promoting social media platform based on Ai technology tools, and Dpair, a new-age secured communication and military standards chatting app based on a unique self-developed technology. Jacques currently serves as CEO of Socks & Co, a European fashion brand offering premium, eco-friendly designer socks, and other fashion accessories. [3]

Jacques established a studio in 2022 to record his new podcast named "Entrepreneur's Secret Garden" where he's promising to take one-on-one interviews with leading founders and CEOs of successful startups and tech companies worldwide. He has authored a book: "No Entrepreneur's in Heaven" which promises to show all sides of entrepreneurship and the business world. He is also a speaker for mainly entrepreneurship conferences of young entrepreneurship programs. [4]

Barak Jacques has invested and contributed to TDI and Alpha Writers; both are content websites focusing on News, Media, SEO, PR, and more. In 2019, right before the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, Jacques co-founded together with his American partner Jeremy Taylor a city magazine for Shenzhen City in China. In recent years, Jacques's main activity moved from Shenzhen, China, to Los Angeles, CA, Tel Aviv, IL, and Lisbon, Portugal.

Early life, Education and Service

Jacques was born in the State of Israel on January 27, 1991. He attended "Dror" high school, and after graduation, he first enlisted for mandatory military service. During his service, he was consigned to military medical school, passed his combat medic studies and training with distinction, and was later promoted to a command post. In March 2013, after three years of service, he was discharged with the rank of First Sergeant. As of today, in addition to the professional courses he takes in Python programming language and the enrichment course in the artificial intelligence field, he is studying for his law degree (LL.B).


Jacques started his entrepreneurial career in 2013, founding his first company, JEB import, which focused on the mobile and multimedia field, which was a booming field in those years. Due to difficulties in maintaining the quality and rate of production, Barak decides to move to Shenzhen, China, to stimulate his import business. In his mid-twenties, he set up his first international company, 26 Mobile Electronics, in China with his Chinese partner, Mr. Li, and started selling his products globally. Shortly after, Barak expanded the business activity and opened another company in Hong Kong. During his stay in China, Barak established many brands in various fields, from advertising and marketing products to e-commerce, fashion, medical products, content writing, SEO, magazines, and more. [5]

In recent years, Barak has mainly been involved in entrepreneurship and innovation. For the last two years, he has been working and contributing to social media managing software that uses artificial intelligence and for an app that claims to provide the most encrypted and secured chatting app at a military level with breakthrough technology.

Jacques also serves as a lecturer and accompanying educator for young entrepreneurs. He is an author focusing on the field of entrepreneurship and recently became the host of a podcast show in which he hosts great entrepreneurs and CEOs from all over the world. During his career, he has worked with companies and individuals as a business and digital marketing consultant and mostly gained recognition for helping entrepreneurs and people to start their businesses from scratch and get things off the ground.

Personal life

He's a car enthusiast and has a great fondness for Coffee. Jacques is a big supporter of the Juventus Football Club.


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