Banshee Blade

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Banshee Blade

Banshee Blade toy
Created by Renderform
Genre Science Fiction
In-story information
Element of stories featuring Starscream

The Banshee Blade is a fictional weapon and third-party Transformer accessory made by Renderform in 2012.


The Banshee Blade is a weapon made by Renderform in 2012 based on the sword used by Starscream.

The RW-011 Banshee Blade is based off the FOC trailer sword, showcased by Starscream, before Ironhide puts his lights out. The design for this release has added details, so it doesn’t look too plain. The sword features a stepped peg, so it can be held by any action figure that can hold either a 4MM or 5MM peg. The Banshee Blade is right now available in a limit amount, due to the time required to make and finish a single piece. The hilt is cast in a pearl gray color, while the blade is cast in a translucent red color.


Banshee Blade was released in 2012 in a variety of colors.


  • Renderform RW-012 Banshee Blade Regular Edition (2012)
A red color with grey paint.
  • Renderform RW-012B Banshee Blade Blue (2012)
Blue color.
  • Renderform RW-012B Banshee Blade Blaze (2012)
Orange color.
Limited to 25 pieces.
  • Renderform RW-012E Banshee Blade Emerald (2012)
Green color.
Limited to 25 pieces.
  • Renderform RW-012EJ Banshee Blade Emerald Justice (2012)
  • Renderform RW-012EJ Banshee Blade Empyrean Justice (2012)
  • Renderform RW-012F Banshee Blade Fimal Run Edition (2012)
Limited to 100 pieces.
  • Renderform RW-012F Banshee Blade Frost (2012)
A Metrocon exclusive.
Limited to 50 pieces.
  • Renderform RW-012P Banshee Blade Purple (2012)
Purple color.
  • Renderform RW-012S Banshee Blade Stealth (2012)
  • Renderform RW-012WE Banshee Blade Winter Envy (2012)
  • Renderform RW-012WS Banshee Blade Winter Shadow (2012)
  • Renderform RW-012WT Banshee Blade Winter Tyrany (2012)
Purple color


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