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Phan Van Bang

Artist Information
Native name Phan Van Bang
Born April 17, 2003
Mo Cay Nam,Ben Tre,Viet Nam
Nationality Vietnam
Occupation Singer,Musician,Gamer,Streamer
Years active 2021
Known for Music Distributor, Founder of Bang Entertainment
Height 170 cm

Phan Van Bang (born January 7, 2003 in Mo Cay Nam, Ben Tre) is a Vietnamese male cover singer, songwriter, gamer, streamer. He has a handsome face, warm voice, suitable for Hip Hop/Rap, Pop songs, succeeded after the first hit in his music career, besides making music, Bang is also a gamer. online games like League of Legends, and is a streamer with a sizable fan base.


Phan Van Bang was born and raised in Ben Tre coconut porcelain, in his family he is the eldest son and has a younger brother named Phan Nguyen Trung Kien, since childhood he has had the ability to play games, and is passionate about playing games. Singing according to personal interests, according to the singing career. starting when he went to elementary school.

Before starting his career as a singer and songwriter, starting as a Gamer in League of Legends, he began to attract attention from foreign and Vietnamese online communities with outstanding and unique clips.

Career guidance

Phan Van Bang '' Currently, he is the founder of Bang Entertainment, a distributor, and provides services and vocational training for people who want to become freelance musicians and singers. He is known as an expert in official music distribution and was chosen as the man who made it easy for anyone to become a freelance artist. He also collaborates and has relationships with famous singers and artists, which is an important partner in development.

The song


2.Love Today.

3.Miu Miu You Are So Cute.

4.Vô Tình Gặp Lại Em.

5.Lạc Quan.

5.The Most Beautiful Star.

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