Bad Cop (Keith's Fantasy Club)

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Bad Cop
Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Bad Cop toy
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Police car

Bad Cop is a fictional character and third-party Transformer set made by Keith's Fantasy Club as an Auto Assembly exclusive in 2013.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Bad Cop is a third-party Transformer toy made by Keith's Fantasy Club for the Auto Assembly convention in 2013. It is an homage to the 2007 Transformers Decepticon character Barricade.


Bad Cop was announced on the Auto Assembly web site on June 3rd, 2013.[1] It went up for preorder on the 4th. Gold Kit versions of Bad Cop were sold out by the 6th.[2]


  • Keith's Fantasy Club KP-02 Bad Cop (2013)
An original third-party Transformer mold made by Keith's Fantasy Club. Includes a new head, light bar and labels intended for the Prime First Edition Vehicon. The head will not fit on the Prime Robots in Disguise Vehicon.
50 Bad Cop sets were available in a "Gold Kit" which were exclusive to attendees, and included the base figure. This set sold for 30 UK pounds.
100 Bad Cop sets were available in a "Silver Kit" with just the head, lightbar and stickers. This set sold for 15 UK pounds.


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