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Avinash Walton Ponishare-verified.png

Avinash Walton in 2021
Native name अविनाश वाल्टन Ponishare-verified.png
Born Sonu Kumar Suman Ponishare-verified.png
December 27, 2003 (2003-12-27) (age 20)
Nawada, Bihar, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Education BS College, Danapur
  • Indian YouTuber[1]
  • Actor[2]
  • Author
  • Podcaster
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Gamer
Years active 2018–present
Known for Aspiring Actor, YouTuber, Author, Podcaster, Gamer, and Ethical Hacker
Home town Bihar
Net worth N/A
Height 1.63 m

Avinash Walton, born on December 27, 2003, in Anaila, Bihar (Hindi: अविनाश वाल्टन), is a versatile individual driven by a deep passion for a wide array of creative and technical endeavors. Recognized both as Avinash and by his birth name Sonu Kumar Suman, he has left a significant mark in various domains through his online presence. Aspiring Actor, Indian YouTuber, Gamer, and Podcaster, Avinash's multifaceted talents have enthralled audiences and established his reputation across diverse fields.

Early Life

Avinash Walton, the son of Brajnandan Prasad and Rekha Devi, experienced his early years in the village of his ancestors. Raised within a tightly bonded family, Avinash, as a son, established a robust base for his forthcoming pursuits. The environment he was immersed in, especially his maternal grandmother's residence, significantly impacted him, fostering his creativity and igniting his inquisitiveness.


Avinash embarked on his creative journey when he uncovered his passion for acting through online platforms. Recognizing the potential of digital avenues as a means to showcase his talent and express his inner self, he delved into the world of creativity. Seeking to refine his acting prowess, Avinash enrolled in virtual acting classes hosted by Bollywood mentor Virendra Rathore on the YouTube channel Join Films.[3] These classes played a pivotal role in honing his craft, offering him valuable insights and expert guidance.

Concurrently, Avinash ventured into the realm of content creation on YouTube. Operating incognito as Avinash Walton, he established a YouTube channel focusing on technology-related content. Through this platform, he shares informative videos, tech tips, and profound insights tailored to the interests of his audience. His captivating and enlightening content resonated with viewers, leading to the development of a dedicated follower base and further kindling his enthusiasm for disseminating knowledge.

In addition to this, Avinash manages a gaming channel named BHAKT YT[4], where he shares an array of gaming-related content, encompassing tips, videos, and live streams. His presence within the gaming community has garnered him an expanding audience and facilitated connections with fellow gaming aficionados.

Parallel to his creative pursuits, Avinash maintains a strong focus on his educational journey. He is currently studying Computer Applications (BCA) at BS College, Danapur, which is part of Patliputra University. He finished high school in 2018 and then completed a two-year ITI Electrician course in 2020. After that, he did higher secondary education and graduated in 2023 from a government school.

Personal Life

In 2023, Avinash introduced a Hindi-language podcast titled CUT FACT[5], with a primary goal of sharing educational content.

He also took on the endeavor of crafting eBooks spanning various genres. His inaugural eBook, named प्यार की राह: दिलों की कहानी, सपनों की धुन (Path of Love: A Tale of Hearts and Dreams)[6], was released in its Hindi edition on July 3, 2023. Soon after, on July 5, 2023, he published his second eBook, The Key to Wonderlore.[7] In a mere three days, his third eBook, Whispered Secrets: Unveiling the Shadows, Unleashing the Truth[8], was made available. As of July 10, Avinash celebrated another accomplishment with the publication of his first non-fiction book, Unlocking Google Knowledge Panel: Boosting Online Visibility.[9] Undeterred by his achievements, Avinash's passion persisted, leading him to publish yet another eBook on August 13th, 2023. This latest addition, titled Web Riches: The Roadmap to Online Earnings.[10]