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Autolauncher is a Predacon featured in Beast Wars Second who transforms into an Armored Personnel Carrier and is a member of the Autorollers.

Beast Wars


According to a 1995 McDonalds Beast Wars document, Autolauncher was intended to be Prowl.[1]

Animated series

A rival of Mantis of the Insectrons, Autolauncher seeks to advance his own glory above all else, even his assignment to guard Galvatron.

Fun Publications

Shattered Glass

In Beast Wars: Shattered Glass, Autolauncher was an Autobot protoform who-along with Autojetter and Scylla-was reprogrammed and recruited to join Megatron's forces, who became known as the Predacons.


  • Autolauncher (1998)
Turns from robot to moon buggy.