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Assault Force X
Perfect Effect character
Assault Force X box
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Perfect Effect
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Species Transformer

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Three robots

Assault Force X is a team of fictional characters and third-party Transformer homages to Reflector created by Perfect Effect in 2012.

Perfect Effect

Assault Force X is team of three fictional characters, Vanguard, Sniper and Cannonier, created by Perfect Effect as a third-party Transformer homage to the Decepticon Reflector team.

Vanguard should not be confused with the Guardian GoBot Van Guard or the Dr. Wu add-on weapon set also called Vanguard.

Another third-party Transformer homage to Reflector is TFC Toys' Photron.


Assault Force X was announced in August 2012.

Assault Force X was released in September 2012.


In the News Desk podcast for September 17th, 2012 Assault Force X was covered as a topic.[1]


  • Perfect Effect PE-12 Assault Force X (2012)
A remold of Scouting Force X. Includes Vanguard, Sniper and Cannonier. Three robots combine into one camera.



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