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Picture of Asifur Rahman Khan.
Native name Asifur Rahman Khan
Born 1992/10/20
Residence Mirpur Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education B. Sc in Aeronautical Engineering
Alma mater Military Institute of Science & Technology
Occupation Digital Marketer
Years active 2023-Present
Employer Asifur Rahman Khan
Agent RH Profile
Known for
Home town [Munshiganj][1]
Net worth N/A
Height 5 Fit 5 Inch
Television Asifur Rahman Khan
Title Digital marketer In Asifur Rahman Khan
Parents Atiqur Rahman Khan


Asifur Rahman Khan, also known as Digital Marketer Asif,[1] is a highly professional T-shaped Digital Marketer who has gained a reputation for all in one digital marketing solution small to mid to large business and online entrepreneurs to small to local business. He was born in 1992 in Dhaka, and from 2020, he displayed a keen interest in digital marketing specially SEO, Website Design and Content Writing.


Asifur Rahman Khan completed his SSC(Secondary School Certificate) from Monipur High School. He studied there from class six to class ten. Then, he took admission to Adamjee Cantonment College in Dhaka. After completing his HSC(Higher Secondary Certificate) degree from science, he got chance to admit to ((MIST) Military Institute of Science & Technology in Aeronautical Engineering Department.

Early Life

Asifur Rahman Khan pursued his passion for online marketing by admitting at LEDP(learning & Earning Development Project) initiated by government of Bangladesh, ICT Ministry. During his studies, he honed his skills in various online marketing disciplines such as Search Engine optimization(SEO). He graduated with ALIM and soon started working as a graphic designer.

Asifur Rahman Khan

Asifur Rahman Khan started his professional career as a freelancer. At the beginning of journey, he managed to do various articles, content writing, product related blog post writing for online clients. Then, he shifted to Complete Facebook Marketing. Including but not limited to Facebook post creation, Facebook page management, Facebook Ads Campaign etc.

Over the years, Asifur Rahman Khan has worked for various clients from different industries, including software company, digital marketing agency and cyber security service company. His unique design style and attention to detail have helped him to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also effective in achieving the client's goals.

Apart from his work as a digital marketer, Asifur Rahman Khan also enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He has conducted several online workshops and seminars on digital marketing.

Asifur Rahman Khan is also a lifelong learner and stays up to date with the latest online marketing trends and technologies. He enjoys pushing himself to constantly improve and is always seeking out new challenges to help him grow as a T-shaped digital marketer.

Today, Asifur Rahman Khan is widely regarded as one of the leading digital marketers in the industry, known for his exceptional design skills, creativity, and passion for marketing. His contributions to the field of design continue to inspire and influence many young designers around the world.

Overall, Asifur Rahman Khan's talent and hard work have made him a respected figure in the design community and a true inspiration to many aspiring local online marketers.

Career & Future Plans

As a professional T-shaped digital marketing specialist, Asifur Rahman Khan likely has a wide range of possible future plans. Depending on his goals and interests, some of his plans might include:
Asifur Rahman Khan

01. Starting his own digital marketing agency: Asifur Rahman Khan might have ambitions to start his own graphic design agency, where he can offer his services to clients and manage a team of designers. This would require a lot of hard work and dedication but could be very rewarding in terms of creative freedom and financial success.

02. Expanding his skill set: As a digital marketer, Asifur Rahman Khan might want to expand his skill set to include other areas of design, such as full stack web design & development, seo, or email marketer. This would give him more opportunities for work and could allow him to take on more challenging projects.

03. Collaborating with other designers: Asifur Rahman Khan might want to collaborate with other designers, either on a freelance basis or as part of a larger project. This would allow him to learn from others and bring new ideas and perspectives to his work.

04. Teaching design: Asif Khan might be interested in teaching graphic design, either as a part-time or full-time instructor. This would allow him to share his knowledge and experience with others and help to inspire the next generation of designers.

05. Exploring new technologies: As technology continues to evolve, Asifur might want to explore new tools and platforms that could enhance his marketing work. This could include things like virtual reality, augmented reality, or artificial intelligence.

Overall, Asifur Rahman Khan's future plans as a digital marketer will likely depend on his personal goals and interests, as well as the trends and opportunities in the online marketing industry. With hard work and dedication, he can achieve great success and continue to grow and evolve as a designer.

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  1. LEDP Verify