Ashiq Khan Chowdhury

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Ashiq Khan Chowdhury
Born 26th October 1991
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Acting
Known for Kali Aslam(2021), ChotoBelar Prem(2021)
Height 1.75 m
Weight 55 K.g.
Religion Islam

Ashiq Khan Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi actor. He is best known for his terrifying character role in the shortfilm "Kali Aslam". He is also well known for his various roles in Bengali TV dramas and short-films.

Born and Identity

Ashiq Khan Chowdhury was born on 26th October 1991 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.


He has been acting since 2010 CityCell (TVC). He He has gained millions of fans through his acting in a very short time. He has acted in many dramas, TVCs and short films.

Most viewed

Kali Aslam ( Mainkar Chipay 3 ( Vai Amar Pataho Rider ( ChottoBelar Prem (

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