Ashikur Jaman

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Ashikur Jaman

Ashikur Jaman in a restaurant.
Native name Ashikur Jaman (আশিকুর জামান)
Born 20 October 1999 (1999-10-20) (age 24)
Residence Gopalganj District, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Muksudpur Govt. College
Years active 2021- present
Known for Musician, Singer, Youtuber.
Home town Gopalganj District, Bangladesh
Height 5.7"
Weight 58 kg
Religion Islam

Early Life

Ashikur Jaman (Was born on 20 October 1999) is a Musician, Singer, and YouTuber. He was born on 20 October 1999 in Gopalganj, Bangladesh. He is a verified artist on YouTube. Ashikur Jaman is mostly known as a Musician rather than YouTuber. He also makes content for his secondary YouTube channel AJ Tube, by this side, he is also a content creator. He was born on 20 October 1999 in Gopalganj, Bangladesh. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Ashikur Jaman being a Musician has put up all the efforts in this sector and his official Artist music channel, named Ashikur Jaman on youtube. He has started his musical career in 2021 with Three Music albums Ashikur Jaman already release some single music. He is on Spotify, Deezer, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, Apple Music. He got verified all those platforms mentioned. He is a proud Musician, he started working at the age of 13, and he was making the most use of his talent and working hard, to become what he is today.

Personal Life

From childhood, he wanted to do something different, something new. At a very young age in 2012, he became the first in a song competition called "Ganer Sera Gan" in his Upazila and won second place in the Gopalganj district. Thus began his music life.

He is a verified artist on Youtube(OAC), Spotify, Deezer, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. He is available on different music platforms like YouTube Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, BoomPlay, Tidal, and many more. He was offered by a few bands, and then he joined and started working as a Musician & Composer, and starts his music career.

He is the CEO of Digital Media Bangladesh (DMB). DMB is actually a social media agency. It Provides Services for any kind of problem on your social media. Including Buy-sell Music, Advertising, SEO, and Website Design. It Provides Various Types of Services to the Client. And Ashikur Jaman worked as its musician.

Album Releases

Album Year
01. Pain of Love 2022
02. Ar Aila Na 2022
03. Just Ruin It 2022
04. Pain Less 2022
05. Feel the Bit 2022

Single Releases

Single Release Year
01. Din Kal Valo Na 2021
02. Boom Boom 2021
03. Twinkle Twinkle 2021
04. Hold Up 2021
05. Don't Feel Down 2021
06. Broken Moon 2022
07. Love Bite 2022
08. Fead Up 2022
09. Move It 2022
10. Don't Shy 2022
11. Love Me More 2022
12. Don't Feel Down 2022
13. King Of Snake 2022
14. You Are Mine 2022
15. Fit Bit 2022
16. Painful Life 2022
17. Broken Heart 2022
18. Hard To Foget You 2022
19. Love Inside 2022
20. Love Is Sacred 2022
21. Memory Is Still Crying 2022
22. You Are the Moon 2022
23. Soft Mind 2022
24. Lightless 2022
25. Emotional Fool 2022
26. Never Mind 2022
27. I Am Sorry 2022
28. Relax 2022
29. Slowly Slowly 2022
30. Party Is On 2022
31. Love Me Like I Do 2022
32. Alone 2022
33. Pure Diamond 2022
34. Alcoholic 2022
35. Busy City 2022
36. Without Me 2022
37. Baby 2022
38. Is It Love 2022


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