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Arif Hossain (আরিফ হোসেন) Blue badge.png
Arif Hossain
Arif Hossain is a digital marketer, travel influencer, entrepreneur and founder of Kuhudak
Native name MD Arif Hossain
Born Aug 02, 1994
Chandpur District
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship Bangladeshi
Education B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering
Occupation Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Travel Influencer
Years active 2010–present
Known for Founder of Kuhudak, GoArif
Notable works Kuhudak
Awards British Council Award (2010)

Arif Hossain Blue badge.png (Bengali: আরিফ হোসেন; born August 2, 1994), better known as the founder of Kuhudak, is a Bangladeshi digital marketer, travel influencer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Kuhudak. Arif Hossain short form AH. Arif was born in Matlab Uttar Thana in the Chandpur district of Bangladesh. He studied Computer Engineering at a private university in Bangladesh. While studying, he joined a private company as a senior software engineer. After working for 3 year, he founded kuhudak[1] on August 1, 2023. He currently serves as Travel Advisor of Kuhudak. Arif received the British Council Award for Skill Competition in 2010.

Early life

Arif Hossain, born on August 2, 1994, in Matlab Uttar Thana, Chandpur district, Bangladesh, hails from a Muslim family. Even from an early age, Arif demonstrated his aptitude for technology, skillfully resolving various technical challenges. Driven by a strong desire to excel, he often dedicated his nights to work, ensuring his commitment to both academic studies and personal growth. Arif also exhibited exceptional athletic abilities and received recognition for his technical prowess during his college years.


Arif made a wireless device while at school and was praised by his father. While studying in college, he started an organization called Student Research Association (SRA). But at the end of college life, not much was done about the Association. Arif spent his college life in the Cumilla district. Then he came to Dhaka and got admitted to a private university. At first, he started studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering but later he completed his BSc in Computer Engineering. While studying at university, he started working on Engineering Discovery.

He founded Engineering Discovery and started working with his teachers as a team. Not much has been done with Engineering Discovery since then. After that, he worked on several plans including Bangladesh Museum and buying and selling books, but he did not get many benefits.

Personal life

In private life, Arif Hossain is an introverted type of person. Work lover likes to work. Arif prefers a normal life. As a child, he loved to write poems and stories. He likes to play sports. Playing football is his favourite. Besides, Arif likes to travel a lot. Regarding travel, Arif said, “Exploring new places is my passion. Love to share my travelling experience”. Arif has a travel website, named: There he shared his travel experiences.


Arif received the British Council Award for Skill Competition in 2010. He built an automatic electric machine (AEM). He was given this award for this.


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