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The Arado E.500 was the concept for a Heavy fighter manufactured by Arado Flugzeugwerke in 1936.


Due to the relatively short fuselage and the extended two tail boom this aircraft type could accommodate a heavy attack and defense armament. The latter consisted of two revolving towers on the fuselage upper and lower fuselage, each equipped with two 2 cm guns. The upper turret should be manually operated by a gunner, while the second gunner, which is located on the fuselage underside in a trough, steered it via a periscope installation. The third shooter operated the rigid weapons at the bow of the machine.

Arado developed a 1: 1 mock-up, however, it did not find the interest of the Technical Office of the Ministry of Aviation . The project was subsequently discontinued.

The plane had a twin tail.[1]


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