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Apogee Digital Ponishare-verified.png
Industry Information Technology
Founder(s) MD Zahid Hasan Nipu
Headquarters House 29 Road 14 Sector 11, Uttara, Dhaka
Area served Worldwide
Key people Shapna Akter (CEO)
Products Digital Services and Software
Services Software Development
Website apodigi.com

Apogee Digital (abbreviated as apodigi) is a software company in Bangladesh founded in 2015 by MD Zahid Hasan Nipu.[1] It provides digital services and software development worldwide. Recently launched Bangladesh first management software.[2][3][4][5][6]


Apogee Digital launched Appo Global Management Software which is the country's first global management software recently. This software has unique features like chatting system and location tracking system of the employees. Appo Global Management Software is Bangladeshi developed Management Software launched worldwide. Apogee Digital designed and developed the most unique and user-friendly and budget friendly software for worldwide use. It has the most colorful interface that is different from the other software in the market. This software can manage Sales Department, HR department, Inventory Management, POS Management, Accounting Management and a lots more.


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