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Transformers character
Artwork of Antagony
Name Antagony
Series Beast Wars
Alternate modes Giant ant
Function Chemical Warfare
Gender Female
Motto "Prepare for Armageddon."
Rank 6
Sub-group Convention exclusives

Antagony is a fictional character from the Transformers series. She introduced in 1998 as a female Predacon.

Beast Wars

A BotCon exclusive character, Antagony was introduced as a female Predacon. Hailing from a possible future, she is one of the many Heralds of Shokaract, and a major rival of Cataclysm. Antagony's first storyline appearance took her back to the time of the Beast Wars, dispatched by her master to keep the dark essence of Unicron-Shokaract's power source-from slipping back into the time stream that had brought it from the Earth year 2005 to prehistoric times, which would erase Shokaract from history.

Her arrival brought her into conflict with several Maximals and Predacons, including: Packrat, Onyx Primal, Silverbolt, Rattrap, Vice Grip, Fractyl, Megatron, Waspinator, and Optimus Primal. Despite being technologically superior to them, she was defeated due to low energon reserves and captured by Megatron. Seeking information, he interrogated her, but she resisted all of his efforts. Tarantulas' final attempt forced her to activate a defensive mechanism, which wiped her mind clean and left her a blank.

Antagony would later return, her mind restored by Shokaract so that she could aid him in the battle of Point Omega. Presumably, his defeat led to her being erased from history.


3H Enterprises

Antagony appeared in the Botcon 1998 script reading "Visitations" by Bob Forward.[1]

IDW Publishing

Antagony is featured in the Beast Wars: The Ascending series by IDW Publishing.

In Beast Wars: The Ascending Shokaract's heralds Hellscream, Max-B, Antagony, Thrustor, and Hardhead defended their master on Cybertron until he was shunted into limbo by the Maximal Snarl. The heralds then retreated once there was no vessel for Unicron.


  • Beast Wars Antagony (1998)
Antagony is a redeco of the name Predacon Inferno.
  • BotCon Antagony (unreleased)
At one point a new Antagony figure was to be made from a mold of Arcee, but this idea was abandoned.



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