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| work        = [[Voyage Los Angeles]]
| work        = [[Voyage Los Angeles]]
| date        = 2019-04-19
| date        = 2019-04-19
| archiveurl  =  
| archiveurl  = https://web.archive.org/web/20190418194752/http://voyagela.com/interview/check-out-anne-reburn/
| archivedate =  
| archivedate = 2019-04-18
| accessdate  = 2019-12-10
| accessdate  = 2019-12-10
| url-status  = live
| url-status  = live

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Anne Reburn
Born USA
Nationality USA
Occupation musician, sound technician
Known for popular youtuber

Anne Reburn is an American musician.[1]

Personal life

Reburn grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where she studied music, dance, Spanish.[1] Reburn graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2016, with a degree in creative media production.[2][3]

Reburn arranged to study in Spain, for her last semester.[4] She extended her stay, after completing her academic work, collaborating with some Spanish musicians, returning to the United States, when her visa expired.

After her return to the United States she chose to reveal that she had been in a relationship with a Spanish musician named Dalas Review, that became abusive.[4] Reburn chose to reveal this personal matter after learning that, back in Spain, other women and girls had come forward with information about abuse from Dalas, and that some of them had been under the legal age of consent, and that Dalas faced criminal charges. In her YouTube account Reburn described Dalas telling her that he liked that she could look like a 14 year old girl.

In an interview with Voyage LA magazine Reburn said that the escape from the abusive relationship was a real trigger to her song-writing efforts.[5]

Musical career

While Reburn has performed live, including in the punk rock band Boone, she is best known for her YouTube performances.[6] Her performances are noteworthy for how she mixes multiple tracks, showing her playing all the musical instruments, and playfully singing all the vocal tracks.


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