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Anne Janette Campbell, formerly known as Dr. Anne Moir (born March 20, 1948), is a British television producer[1] and director,[2][3] author,[2][3] speaker, relationship coach, and gender and sex educator. She is a specialist in neurobiology and has been a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which she currently teaches. Campbell is the Co-Founder of the Miracles Rock and Innocentsex.

Early life and education

Campbell was born to Mike and Janet Turner.

Campbell holds a BSc Hons degree in Mixed Biophysics Genetics Biochemistry from Leeds University (1968-1970) and D.Phil in Human Developmental Genetics from Oxford University (1971-1974).[3][4] She received CTM from Toastmasters in 2008; and MA Diploma in Psychotherapy from Human Givens College, United Kingdom, the same year.


  • Educo Mind Training with Dr. Tony Quinn, 2014
  • Making Love for Couples Training with Michael and Diana Richardson, 2014
  • Advanced Intimacy and Relationship Training, Well Centre, Ireland, 2019
  • Anger, Rage, and Relationship Training with Sue Parker, 2022


Campbell started her career at BBC as a Scriptwriter of external services in 1970, which she continued for a year. Between 1974 and 1978, she served as a Researcher and Producer of current affairs and later became a Panorama Producer and Director. Working at the BBC, Campbell made films for Panorama. She was the producer involved with interviews with senior politicians, including Wilson, Heath, Thatcher, Healy, and Heseltine at the time.

From 1983 to 1987, Campbell was the European Bureau Chief at CBC channel for its newsmagazine television program The Journal.

Campbell has worked as a Producer and Director for several channels, including BBC, CBC, Discovery, Channel 4, and Thames TV. She is known for producing the series Brain Sex (1992), A Time of AIDS (1993), Why Men Don't Iron (1998), and Death (2004). She has been awarded RTS and BAFTA for her best documentary series and was selected for Ace and Gemini nominations for Series Producer.

From 1987 to 2008, Campbell ran her TV production company, Quality Time TV. During this time, she also served as an Executive Producer at another television company, Tiger Aspect, in 2005. She also worked as Creative Executive Producer at Endemol from 2007 to 2008.

From 2008 to 2013, Campbell served as the Founder of Brainsex Matters, where she organized and conducted seminars and workshops on relationships and gender differences for Human Givens, BP, and Accenture.[3]

Campbell was a regular tutor for the Human Givens College, teaching the importance of gender differences in psychotherapy and understanding the opposite sex. She was also working with some schools guiding the teachers about using brain-based techniques to improve learning, and with businesses and individuals to promote gender intelligence in the workplace.[4]

Campbell is the author of three international best-selling books, Brain Sex (1989),[5] A Mind to Crime (1995), and Why Men Don't Iron (1998).[1][3][4][6][7] Campbell wrote Brain Sex with David Jessel, for which she spent several years collecting scientific documentation as an argument in the dispute over the genetic or social determinants of differences in the psyche of women and men.[8][9]

She has been interviewed on several UK and US platforms after the success of her books. She was also featured in the BBC's Embarrassing Bodies series conducting a brain sex test that she developed for her book.[10]

Campbell has worked with several TV presenters, including Nationwide's Sue Lawley, Michael Barratt, Bob Wellings, Frank Bough, Richard Stillgoe, Panorama's David Dimbleby, and Robin Day.

In 2017, she became a Yoga Laughter accredited teacher.

Since 2013, Campbell has been a sex educator and relationship coach. She is running Miracles Rock with her husband, John Campbell, for relationship coaching and Innocent Sex, for sex education.

In February 2023, Campbell spoke at Let's Discuss: Couples on the Path or... Go it Alone? webinar by The Foundation for Inner Peace.


  • Brain Sex: The real difference between men and women (Michael Joseph: London, 1989); Mandarin paperback (London 1990); Dell paperback (New York, 1992).
  • A Mind to Crime (Michael Joseph: London, 1995); Paperback Signet Books (1997), The British Medical Association's Journalism book award, 1997.
  • Why Men Don't Iron (HarperCollins: London,1998); Paperback July 1999.


Year Channel and Program Programs and Series Designation
1990 Channel 4 Dispatches: The Case Against War (BCP) Producer/Director
1991 Thames TV This Week: Poison in the Water? Producer/ Director (QTV)
1991-1992 Discovery Channel (USA), CBC (Canada) Brain Sex Co-producer (QTV)

Series Producer

1992 BBC 1 (News and Current Affairs) 75-minute Review of the Year Producer/Director (BCP)
1992-1993 Channel 4 The Plague: A Decade of Aids (Documentary Series) Programme 1 Producer/Director, Series Producer
1994 BBC/PBS People's Century: Half of the People In-house Producer
1995 Channel 4/Discovery Channel (USA) A Mind to Crime Producer/Director (QTV)
1996 BBC 1 QED Return of the Bloodsuckers
1996-1998 Channel 4 Why Men Don't Iron Series Producer (QTV)
1999-2002 Channel 4 Death Series Producer (QTV)
2003-2004 Channel 4 Picking up the Pieces Series Producer

Personal Life

Campbell is married to John Campbell, a former Co-owner and Vice Chairman of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. He is a philosopher, writer, and Mind Coach, and the couple currently resides in London.[1]


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