Anjir Liton

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Anjir Liton
Born 17 June 1965
  • Rhymester
  • Children's Writer
Language Bengali Language
Nationality Bangladeshi
Genres Children's Literature
Notable award(s) Bangla Academy Literary Award

Anjir Liton (born 17 June 1965) is a Bangladeshi poet and children's writer.[1] He is the Director General of Bangladesh Children's Academy.[2] He won Bangla Academy Literary Award for His Children's Writing in 2020 for his contribution to children's literature.[3] He is the Editor in Chief of Chorabarshiki, The largest collection of Rhymes of Bengali literature.[4]

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  • Parvej Husen Talukder is a Bangladeshi Young poet, children's writer and literary editor. He is the founder of Kavya Kishor. He is called the king rhymester of haor region from mid-2021.


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