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Anime Motivation is an anime website dedicated to daily quotes, life lessons, recommendations and news. The website was first founded by Theo J Ellis on March 23rd 2016. Anime Motivation is based out of the United Kingdom but serves a global audience. With the top countries being United States, India, Canada, and Philippines.


Anime Motivation is an independent media site dedicated to anime quotes, life lessons and all things motivation for anime fans. The site’s mission is to make a difference in the anime community, and is partnered with Crunchyroll, Good Smile Company, and others. The website's gone on to cover recommendations as well as anime news and content with a unique spin. Examples include Top 30 Countries In The World Who Love Hentai The Most[1] , which was featured on Reddit (animemes) and re-tweeted by popular Anime YouTuber- Akidearest. Anime Motivation is located and based out of the UK, reaching 1M+ fans worldwide. Making it officially the largest anime site in the United Kingdom. Sharing perspectives from a British point of view, alongside American, Indian, and other countries where writers contribute from.[2][3] The site’s top 5 main audience is:

  • United States
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Canada


Anime Motivation also offers merchandise, Hentai games through affiliate partnerships.


Theo J Ellis started the website, Anime Motivation in May 2016. The idea started back in 2014 after Theo got back into anime through the recommendation of KissAnime. After rediscovering his passion for anime and being disappointed with the lack of anime quotes and life lessons online, the idea for Anime Motivation was born. With the purpose of making a difference in the anime community. The site’s first popular article was Top 30 Countries Who Love Anime The Most, which was shared later in December 2016 by a big Indonesian anime site called Japanese Station[4]. In 2018 the site attracted so much attention, Crunchyroll’s parent company – Elation, and others like Good Smile Company reached out. Which lead to many working relationships. On April 24th 2019 the site was hacked and injected with code[5], which was removed in less than 24 hours. In 2019 and 2020, Anime Motivation was featured in Top 50 Anime Websites, Blogs And Newsletters To Follow in 2020[6].


Content is published daily on Anime Motivation There are 4 main topics covered: News: Covers stories from the anime industry or notable people. Including statistical content, events, and more. Quotes: Highlights inspirational content and quotes in general from various anime shows and characters. With each piece of content having image quotes along with text. Life Lessons: Take lessons from various anime shows like Dragon Ball Z or Jormungand. And break down ways anime fans can learn and take something from each point. Recommended: Covers anime content in list form, usually sharing recommendations for anime to watch, new anime that are available, and content of that nature. Including commentary and opinion related pieces[7][8]

Partnership & Affilates

Crunchyroll Goodsmile Company Nutaku Teepublic Saturday AM Ellation