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Andrew Ahachinsky
Alma mater Simon Fraser University
Occupation Longevity Evangelist
Fitness Fan
Student of Science
Organization Eterly’s
Bobbinet LATAM

Andrew Ahachinsky is an Entrepreneur, Longevity Evangelist, Fitness Fan, and startup Veteran.[1][2] He is the founder and CEO of SensoAI and Eterly.[3][4]

Ahachinsky is a former Fitness and Wellness Team Lead/CTO at 60K. He is a regular panel speaker on the subject of precision medicine and has been appointed a BIS Research “InsightMonk”.

Early life and education

Ahachinsky was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He obtained a Bachelor of applied science from Simon Fraser University in 2006.

Ahachinsky developed an interest in life longevity and fitness owing to his family members suffering from hypertension and heart problems.[5] As a result of which, he developed the idea of building potential life extension solutions that could help optimize lifestyle factors by making use of artificial intelligence.


Ahachinsky is a strong advocate of longevity and a life sciences evangelist and has a background in mobile and software development. He has been associated with several AI-based life sciences projects that aim at optimizing lifestyle factors and biomarkers.

In June 2006, after graduating from Simon Fraser University, Ahachinsky started his career as a social media team leader at Personalica. He was responsible for creating content, and strategies and promoting the campaigns and brands on various social media platforms.

In 2013, he joined 60K as a fitness and wellness team leader. In 2019, he started working at FasterCapital as a mentor, helping entrepreneurs in building and positioning their startup businesses.[6]

In 2016, owing to his passion for fitness and longevity, Ahachinsky established Eterly. Eterly is a fitness and health app that is designed by longevity experts. It is a longevity platform based on blockchain and works in synchronization with the smart wearable device.[7] It helps in keeping a record of steps, heart activity, and sleep data. The app acts as a personal coach that designs a health and fitness routine that suits the needs of its individual users.[8]

In 2018, Ahachinsky founded SensoAI,[9] an outcome-driven consultancy firm based on artificial intelligence that promotes technological advancement and change in the healthcare industry.[10] With the inception of SensoAI, Ahachinsky's focus is to develop a platform for analyzing medical data for companies involved in creating medical devices.[11][12]

Ahachinsky along with Stan, co-founded Bobbinet LATAM,[13] a dynamic Health 4.0 company that developed a digital patient engagement platform, based in Mexico City.[14][15]


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