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Born 15 January 1989

BA in Dance and Culture from Surrey University (2008),

BA in Modern Drama from Brunel University (2011)
Occupation Entrepreneur and Actress

Amrita Ramona Shabla (born 15 January 1989) is a German entrepreneur[1] and actress,[2] living in London, UK.[3][4]

Early life

Born in Munich, Germany, Ramona attended school for ten years before moving to London, United Kingdom, where she completed her bachelor's degree at a British college and university. She then lived in Abu Dhabi for five years before returning to Germany and settling down in Europe permanently.[5]

She has a broad background in a variety of industries, including hospitality, import/export, operations and executions, sustainable environmental technologies, head of sales, acquisition and training, large events/speaking to 50,000 candidates and government officials, and more. Her growth and knowledge have been truly impressive.

Ramona has led and managed hundreds of employees across multiple departments, and as a result, she is a more multi-knowledge doer. Her capacity to wear multiple hats and complete things that many find difficult has practically been granted by this.[6]

Professional career

Ramona has worked across businesses in EMEA, UAE, Middle East, Asia, Europe, UK & Saudi Arabia.

Ramona worked closely with Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nayan, the President of Abu Dhabi, and completed a great deal of work on the city with other large organizations. I built the first sustainability program and system into the Dubai arena, now known as the Coca-Cola Arena, while serving as CEO and co-founder of SET.[7]

Amrita Ramona Shabla

She collaborated closely with the Police Generals, the Ministry of Environment and Health, and our educational system to understand and adjust to emerging technologies in the UAE.

She has also worked with IKEA, the World Trade Center, Yas Island, Sadiyat Island, Dubai Mall, and Abu Dhabi Mall.

She taught at colleges and schools. Several in all seven emirates, and have taught a thousand elders and younger people.

Ramona participated in Channel 4's Reality TV Season 1 of Rise and Fall (TV series).[8][9] She was one of the original Rulers to take charge in the Penthouse.[10][11][12]

She is the Co-Founder and chief operating officer of Abu Dhabi-based Renewable green leaders magazine Sustainable Environmental Technologies.[13][14]

She is also the CEO of UNDECIDED Global GmbH.[15][16][17]

Ramona is the host of The UNCUT Show,[18] a conversation show where guests from various reality TV series and unique entrepreneurs from around the world come to share their experiences and expertise.[19]

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