Amir Dehghani

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Amir Dehghani Blue badge.png
Born 2001/02/19
Nationality Iranian
Occupation singer, songwriter , arranger, music producer
Years active 2018-Presents
Notable works Musician

Early life

Amir Hossein Dehghani, with the stage name Amir Dehghani, started playing music at an early age. Amir started playing music and singing at the age of 15, and his favorite instrument is the piano.


In 2020, he made a song called Negha Zibat, and after that it became famous and known among people. Among other activities of Amir Dehghani in the field of Iran brand, we can mention the song of the Mah and, Donyam, by Amir Dehghani as the best song of the week.


English Persian
Negah Zibat نگاه زیبات
Donyam دنیام
Mah ماه


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