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Amanda Rosenberg
Google executive Amanda Rosenberg modeling the Google Glass face mounted wearable computer.
Google executive Amanda Rosenberg modeling the Google Glass face mounted wearable computer.
Born 1987 (age 31–32)
United Kingdom
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation Marketing manager
Known for Played a prominent role in the development of Google Glass

Amanda Rosenberg is a Google executive credited with coining the hotword, "Ok, Glass"[1] as well as causing the breakup of Google founder Sergey Brin's marriage to Anne Wojcicki.[2][3]

Rosenberg was born in Hong Kong and grew up in the United Kingdom.[4]


Rosenberg attended Marlborough College[5] and holds a communications degree from Leeds University[6]

Marlborough College is an exclusive and expensive British Public School, which, in 1968, was the first accept girls as students as well as boys.[7] Annual fees for boarders, like Rosenberg, were $48,000 per year.

In 2014 Victoria Lambert, writing in The Telegraph, described Marlborough College as a "seed bed for grooming alpha consorts", listing Rosenberg, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and nine other notable female graduates of Marlborough as examples of Marlborough's "alpha consorts".[7][8]

Lambert noted that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, her sister Pippa, Princess Eugenie of York all attended Marlborough, as did Samantha Cameron, Frances Osborne, Sally Bercow Diana Fox, and Georgina Chapman, talented women in their own right more commonly known for being married to David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Chancellor of the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom Speaker of the House of Commons and the Governor of the Bank of England and Oscar winning Producer Harvey Weinstein. Lambert then listed three "alpha consorts", Rosenberg, Amanda Harlech, and Elizabeth Ann Clough.


The New York Daily News quoted designer Isabelle Olsson calling Rosenberg her "muse" in the custom designed Google Glass in this image.[9]

After joining Google, she was quickly promoted to become a marketing manager for Google Glass.[1] After the story of her affair with Brin became public, she was transferred "out from under his supervision."[5]

Rosenberg didn't only promote Google Glass, from behind the scenes -- she served as a model for the glasses, starring in promotional videos, and having a designer develop a more fashionable version of the glasses that she said were specifically inspired by her.[10][11][9] The New York Daily News described Rosenberg as a "style-savvy hipster" when they quoted designer Isabelle Olsson saying “My muse Amanda looking great in the frames I designed for her,”.

Personal life

Rosenberg entered into two romantic relationships after she started working at Google.[12] The first was with Hugo Barra, the senior executive at Google responsible for managing the development of the android operating system. She also became friends with Sergey Brin, and his wife Anne Wojcicki, and unknown to Barra and Wojcicki, began an affair with Brin.[2] Barra planned to accept a job offer in China, and Rosenberg declined when he asked her to join him there.

Google's personnel policies do allow relationships between fellow employees, but Brin's relationship with Rosenberg is said to have made other employees uncomfortable.[12][2] The Google Glass product is no longer available for sale. Google says the product line has been withdrawn, for redeveloping, with the eventual release of a more mature replacement, but some commentators have speculated that the retirement of the product is an side-effect of the discomfort caused by the discovery of Brin's clandestine affair with Rosenberg.

In 2018 Rosenberg published an article in Vox magazine, revealing she has had ongoing mental health issues, and describing the strain she felt getting her family to accept that.[13] Bethany Wang, of KPCC interviewed Rosenberg following her article.[14]

Race relations

Rosenberg described herself as being a member of the "master race that is the Chinese Jew or Chew."[6][15]


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