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Alpha Q, also known as the Alpha Quintesson, is a character from the Transformers franchise, specifically the Unicron Trilogy.


Animated series

Alpha Q was the ruler of Planet Q, which was one of many worlds to fall under the attack of the evil Unicron. Despite the brave efforts of his world's defenders and his close advisor Scorponok, their planet was doomed to fall, and Scorponok chose to enable it's self-destruct mechanism in an effort to destroy Unicron. Unicron was rendered dormant, but the Sparks of Alpha Q and many of his people were imprisoned within the titan's body. For some time they remained trapped within Unicron, until the events of Transformers: Armada rendered Unicron weak enough that Alpha Q was able to make a resurgence. The four-faced alien soon recreated his people as the Terrorcons, with a recreated Scorponok leading them on the quest for the power to revive Unicron and use him to restore all the planets he had devoured: Energon.

Transformers: Energon begins with Alpha Q launching his campaign, using the Terrorcons to attack Autobot installations in Earth's solar system and steal Energon. As time went by Alpha Q began recruiting former Decepticons to his side, using the ruse that he was attempting to revive Megatron with the Energon. However, this scheme eventually backfired, as Megatron used the Energon Alpha Q's forces collected to reformat himself, and soon seized control of Unicron's body and the Terrorcons. With few options, Alpha Q jettisoned Unicron's head and used it to flee into deep space, leaving Scorponok behind as a spy within Megatron's ranks.

Alpha Q would continue to create new minions, such as recreating Starscream in a bid to assassinate Megatron and creating additional Terrorcon forces in a bid to continue collecting Energon. Eventually he would form unlikely alliances with Rodimus, an Autobot commander who felt responsible for failing to save Planet Q, and the Autobots under Optimus Prime. In particular, Alpha Q formed friendships with the humans Kicker Jones and Misha, which later inspired him to join the Autobot attack on Unicron's reviving body. The resulting clash would result in a massive Space Bridge being opened that drew Unicron's head-now infused with so much Energon that it functioned as a star-into a new region of space, where Alpha Q used the power of Unicron to restore many of the planets destroyed by the villain.

Unfortunately, Megatron retained his own ambitions for Unicron's power, and began raiding Alpha Q's planets in order to harvest their Energon for the task. He eventually succeeded, and Alpha Q apparently perished when Unicron's body reclaimed it's head and caused his artificial sun to go dark. His body was eventually recovered by Kicker and laid to rest on Jungle Planet, and the Autobots and Primus were eventually able to complete the mission he set out on.



  • Alpha Q
A non-transforming figure depicting Alpha Q.