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Allicon is an unofficial name that refers to a group of characters from the Transformers franchise, most notably the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity; it is derived from their alligator-like alternate forms.


Animated series

Though unrelated, the similar name of Alligatocon was used to refer to a creation of the Constructicons made from components of a disassembled Optimus Prime.

First introduced in The Transformers: The Movie, the Allicons-like the Sharkticons-served as Transformer minions of the Quintessons, capturing Hot Rod and Kup shortly after they arrived on the planet. They would continue to appear as servants of the Quintessons throughout the series, with a single Allicon-referred to simply as "Guard"-appearing in "The Killing Jar" as the bodyguard of a Quintesson scientist. This Allicon would engage Wreck-Gar in battle, but later sided with the Autobots and other Quintesson captives when his master attempted to abandon them all to a black hole. The guard was unable to harm his master due to his programming, but he and the Quintesson later cooperated with the others in order to return to their home universe.