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Alimia Light
Industry Lighting Fixtures

Alimia Light is a professional Lamp store engaged in the research, design and sales of modern home decoration lamps.

The new concept of our products is "elegant appearance, beautiful design and simple and modern style".[1]


Alimialight is a professional supplier of chandeliers. They offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, table and floor lamps, as well as lighting accessories.

Alimia Light was founded in 2018, the company is engaged in B2B international trade of lighting fixtures and supplies them in bulk to customers worldwide.

They started online sales in 2020 and offer better prices because of the reduced middleman sales chain.[2]


Their products include;

• Pendant Lamps
• Ceiling Lamps
• Chandeliers
• Table Lamps
• Floor Lamps
• Wall Lamps

The concept of the products are beautiful design with simple and modern appearance.

All lamps are manufactured right in the company and shipped directly to the customers via air to ensure high quality and reduce the probability of damages.[3]


They provide customization services, and the designers try their best to help customers realize their ideas, that way everyone can design their own favorite lights.

They provide fast shipping service, the shipping time is within 7 days.

They also offer a fast return service for refund. All prices include shipping, tax and free bulbs.[4]


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