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Ali Ciwanro Ponishare-verified.png

Ali Ciwanro in Germany (2022)
Born Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Other names Ali Ahmed, G-Nius
Occupation Songwriter, Musician
Known for Ghostwriting

Ali Ciwanro (born November 25, 2001), also known as Ali Ahmed in his hometown of Gelsenkirchen, Germany, is a young and promising songwriter.

Early life

Ali Ciwanro attended a German School in Gelsenkirchen until 2018. The young artist describes his school years as very difficult. According to his own statement, he had many problems with classmates and partly also with teachers, which is why one day he started to write down his feelings and thoughts.

Ali sees music as art and as an outlet for emotional tensions. Every time he felt bad, he wrote his lyrics. After school, the young artist immediately took pen and paper to hand. - THURSDAY, 6 JANUARY 2022


The talented songwriter writes entire lyrics for musicians. His clients are mostly US-American, but the young lyricist also writes for German artists. What distinguishes him is his eloquence, which he himself calls a blessing. Ali Ciwanro puts a lot of emphasis on lyricism, which can be clearly seen in his lyrics. Musically, he was very much influenced by the German rapper PA Sports, as well as by Eminem.


16 of the projects in which Ali Ciwanro has participated as a songwriter have reached gold status. At the end of 2021, the successful US rapper 50 Cent shared Ali Ciwanro on his news page Thisis50 which was probably the step that opened all the doors of the United States to the young songwriter. According to some confidants of the emerging talent, he signed a contract in March 2022 with an artist for whom he now writes lyrics for five years. Insiders talk about a $100.000 deal. The young songwriter is said to have been invited to the USA by rapper J. Cole