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Alexander Joseph Harden
Born May 23, 1980
Brisbane, Queensland
Nationality Australian
Citizenship Australian
Education NREL (LREA, 2018)
Charles Sturt University (B.Bus with Distinction, 1997)
Charles Sturt University (MAcc with Distinction, 2000
Alma mater Charles Sturt University (Masters, 2001)
Occupation Social Media Guru
Real Estate Coach
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Business Owner and Company Director
Organization Harden Property
Known for Social Media Guru
“The Hardens” Real Estate Coaching
Real Estate Agent
Business Owner
Company Director

Alex Harden (born May 23, 1980) in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales) is an Australian real estate agent and business owner and founding partner of Harden Property, and co-founder of the rapidly growing One Great Force (a team within real estate company eXp Australia). Alex, under the mentorship of Glenn Twiddle and Aaron Sansoni, has become known as a social media guru within the real estate community. Additionally, he is the co-founder of “The Hardens” real estate coaching with his wife Felicity Harden.[1]


Alex grew up in the regional city of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales and attended Saint Michael’s Regional High School and Trinity Senior High School. Following high school, he attended Charles Sturt University and earned a B.Bus in Business Management/Human Resource Management and graduated in 1999. Following this, in 2001 Alex graduated with a Masters Degree in Accountancy from Charles Sturt University. In 2018, Alex became a Licensed Real Estate Agent, completing his Full Licence from National Real Estate Learning (NREL).[2]


Alex began his career in real estate by establishing his independent company CityCoast Real Estate in 2018, subsequently changing the name to Harden Property in 2019. Shortly after this, Alex became known in the real estate industry as a social media guru, under the guidance and mentorship of Glenn Twiddle and Aaron Sansoni. In 2021, his company Harden Property partnered up with eXp Australia, a vehicle which he used to establish “The Hardens” real estate coaching as well as the One Great Force team with his wife Felicity Harden. Currently, through eXp, Alex is growing the One Great Force team, for which he provides training and mentorship to and that also transacts real estate all across Australia.