Akbar Eghbali

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Akbar Eghbali (born February 22, 1980, Karaj, Iran) is an actor and comedian.[1][2][3]

Akbar Eghbali Blue badge.png
Born Akbar Eghbali
Residence Kish
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Actor

Early Life

He is known for his work on , Night of doubt (2004), Annoying worker (2010), bitter chocolate (2019), Milk and Honey (2010).[4]

Eghbali is the founder of sports comedy in Iran country. His performance of artistic and sports performances such as “Cyrwheel”, which is undoubtedly a difficult and risky performance, has given a special charm to his comedy show. The combination of comedy theater, artistic and sports performances along with Iranian folk dances has made him a comedian with a different style.[5]


  • Shokolat Talkh (2019 - Rohollah Zarif)
  • Shir O Asal (2010 - Arash Moayerian)
  • Chand Migiri Gerye Koni (2005 - Shahed Ahmadloo)
  • Shab Tardid (2004 - Shabnam Madani)


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