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Akash Boro (Bodo : आकास बर', born 15 July 1994 ) is a Indian actor, Musician, but he is more famously known for his Martial arts, and for this it is known as Junior Li.[1]

Akash Boro
[[File:20220514 164937.jpg|frameless|alt=]]
Native name आकाश बर'

Akash Boro
15 July 1994
Pathsala , Bodoland,

Nationality Indian
Other names Brett
Education Bajali College
  • Actor
  • Musician
  • Sportperson
Years active 2018
Height 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)


Boro's martial arts journey, Kung Fu & Karate is a very classic thing in Bodoland, and we may have seen only in movies/videos. Luckily, people can see one of our people doing it at Baghmara and showcasing the same in Bodo videos/movies.

Boro is a self-trained All-style Martial arts. From the early days, [2]Boro was interested in sports and was a bit trained in martial arts. Still, he had to drop as the martial arts class got closed down, left with no option, and his interest urged him to search martial arts tutorial from website, it's here that he got introduced to Karate for the first time. It was new to him, and then he started practicing the Karate himself as there was no trainer, equipment, or environment.

Though his moves are not so smooth yet, with continuous practices, he soon will be pro in the Kung Fu/Karate, wish him best of luck!


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