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Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) Ponishare-verified.png

Ak Twiprasa on Public Place in 2021
Born 29 January 2004 (2004-01-29) (age 18)
Tripura, India
Residence Tripura, India
Nationality Indian
Education Metric pass out
Years active 2021 - present
Known for Entrepreneur and Musicians.
Home town Agartala
Height 1.67m

Ak Twiprasa, known professionally as Akash Noatia, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Digital creator, Musicians and Internet personality, he was born on 29th January 2004 based in Tripura, India.He also owns a music records labels called "Twiprasa Records".

Early Life

"Ak Twiprasa" (was born on 29 January 2004) is a Indian Entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing, musician, digital creator. [1] [2] [https://youtube.com/c/AkproductionAkash ]</ref>


Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia), a well-known entrepreneur and a passionate digital creator, who has been working for 5+ years to illuminate everyone with his perfection and uninterrupted knowledge. He has studied and researched topics like digital creator, Social media, and Google Knowledge panel expert. Has appeared to the world today as a perfect marketing expert.

Personal Life

‘Hold the vision, trust the process’

Life is a series of trying a thousand things and then finding what suits your interests the most, strolling on the way of the above exceptionally rousing statement, a 16 year old started his listening spell in the real of digital entrepreneur and digital creator has today built a successful business out of it.

Coming from a humble background in Tripura, Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) had the urge to do something exceptional and it was his foresight that helped him begin a career in the digital space for he estimated the capacity of the web in generating millions four years ago.

By jumping into the universe of web crawlers and sites, the teen built up a tendency towards the tremendous profession on the web and ventured out to provide his exceptional services to potential clients where he found his best version of himself.

Obscured to the miracles of this attractive field, Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) was set to overwhelm the web and come out triumphantly with his independent guidelines to make soaring development online.

Against opposite convictions, Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) was not knelt by the continuous changes in the industry rather he was loaded up with more energy whenever allowed the chance to learn and change himself, he accumulated inside and out know how of the different aspects of making money online.

By experimentation and by learning every day as an amateur, Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) , a youthful fellow who was enthusiastic to make an imprint on this world became an entrepreneur who had a strong sense of multitasking to get the best results.

Success can mean differently for different people, fo others, Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) may have attained success which very few people can ace in such a young age but the dreamer still believes that he is at the juncture of learning and has many benchmarks to hit by combining optimism and hard work with courage each day relentlessly.

Certainly, he leads the league in redefining success at a very young age, he has built an empire in his teenage and is revered amongst his friends and family, a hustler who never stops or gets bowed down by failures, he calls himself a perpetual learner who upscales his skills each day to become the best fit in the digital marketing world and is certainly on the correct path that leads him to his dream destination.

It is true that the worlds most famous individuals have reached a certain stage in their lives because of persistent hard work and determination to not give up and continue experimenting, if something doesn’t work out seek the next, bit by bit you will reach a higher pedestal and after some time, you will find yourself at the top”, says the young visionary digital entrepreneur and digital creator Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia)

Physical Appearance

Height: 5′ 5″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Family & Caste

Ak Twiprasa (Akash Noatia) was born in a Noatia community. His father’s name is Sunirmal Noatia, and his mother’s name is Bhagyati Noatia. He has one brother, and his name Bikash Noatia.

Religion/Religious Views

Akash Noatia follows Hinduism


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