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Africa World Books
Type Publishing house
Key people Peter Deng (CEO and founder)

Africa World Books is an Australian book publishing company that mainly focuses on publishing and promoting works of authors with African origins. The publishing house was founded in 2013 by Peter Deng who also serves as the CEO of the company and chairperson of Africa World Books Community Education. Africa World Books has offices in East Africa, Kenya and South Sudan.


Based in Osborne Park in Perth, Western Australia, Africa World Books was founded by Peter Deng who was once a refugee in Australia. He worked immensely hard and on the 13th of October in 2013, he founded Africa World Books. Deng's inspiration to start the company came from his love for Africa, his homeland.[1][2][3]

Africa World Books was created to support African authors and publish their works. The company provides special support and advises African authors on how to get published, including authors from South Sudan, Nigeria and many other African regions. In recent times the company has expanded to include local Australians as well.[4]

Deng founded Africa World Books on three principles:

  • Promoting African authors – helping to both publish books and
  • Retail them, as well as helping them develop their careers.
  • Educating the community about their heritage.
  • Educating the Australian community about the culture and history of Africa.

The company particularly aims to support African talent, academics, and communities that have stemmed from it. Its focus is on expats of the African continent, and those who are interested in learning more. The company says that they want to promote the culture and heritage of the region.

They also offer evaluations upon manuscript submissions, and can provide you with an objective assessment of the structure, plot, and voice of your book. Africa World Books also advices authors about how marketable their book is and offer suggestions to improve it.[5][6]

"Invisible Bridge: An African Journey Through Cultures" is the most notable book published by Africa World Books. The book is written by Dr Francis Deng, a politician and diplomat from South Sudan who has published over 40 books.

Some other notable books published by them include "Blinding the Ghost's Eye" by Sara Maher, "Enlightened Darkness" by Kuany Kiir Kuany, "Unsung Giants: Who Fought to Keep Africa Free" by Opap, Okoth,[7][8][9][10] "THE NATIONAL DIALOGUE: A Framework for Sustainable Peace, Economic Growth, and Poverty Eradication in South Sudan" by Lual A. Deng. MATATA by Victor Lugala,"LAUGHTER AND CRY Writings of Tearz Ayuen" by Tearz Ayuen and many more.[11][12][13]

Africa World Books is now a leading international publisher of South Sudanese authors and books in the Dinka language. Books published by Africa World Books is “listed on about 38,000 distribution outlets worldwide.”[14]

Africa World Books also released its own theme song in 2021.[15]


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