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Aegis Services Limited Ponishare-verified.png
Native name Aegis Services Limited
Type Private Limited Company
Industry Security
Founded 1999
Founder(s) Samson H. Chowdhury
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Services Security Guard,
Industrial Security,
Corporate Security,
Event Security
Fire Protection & Detection
Employees 7000(+)
Parent Square Group
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The Aegis Services Limited is a security guard & security equipment company in Bangladesh. A dependable and trustworthy security force service provider over the last 24 years. Aegis has placed itself in a high position by systematic recruitment & selection procedures throughout Bangladesh. Since then, they've grown to be one of the leading security guard companies, fire protection and detection systems, housekeeping, and pest control service providers

History :

Samson H Chowdhury is the founder of Aegis Services Limited. Currently, Samauel S Chowdhury[1] is the chairman and Anjan Chowdhury is the managing director of Aegis Services Limited.The company have fully facilitated training centre at Ashulia (21 Acre) and Pabna (05 Acre).


"Aegis Services Limited, one of the leading security services providing companies in Bangladesh is a sister concern of Square Group[2]. Since its inception on 01 March 1999, today AEGIS boasts a diverse and honored clientele encompassing Embassies, UN bodies, national and multinational organizations, medium to large industrial premises and corporate institutions, and many other renowned brands. ‘Services of AEGIS comprise Unarmed Security Service, Event Security Management, Security Survey, and Risk Assessment, Security Equipment, Dog Squad (K-9), Fire Detection and Protection, Housekeeping Service, Pest Control, and Facility Management Services. The security service of AEGIS is coordinated by two full-fledged training centers, and a team of ex-Army."

‘AEGIS’ means impregnable protection or shield. This name is to denote Aegis will protect the interest of the company from outside security threats like a shield. As the name implies, we believe that, protecting manpower, assets and information of an organization is a strategic requirement for any business operation.

With 6500+ dedicated and trained members, it is creating a safe and secured environment for smooth key activities and proudly facilitating business process.

Aegis Services Limited Training Center


Ensure protection to clients by effective control risk management, technological exposure, scientific human resource, and system development.


To provide global standard security and other services to plants, factories, and corporate premises by providing skilled human resources, constant supervision, and system integration.

Our commitment :

Aegis Services Limited is committed to providing the best and legally compliant trusted service to clients for all offerings. It conforms to the regulations of clients, regulatory bodies of the nation and other interested parties requirement. Thus strengthening position as a safe and quality managed best security solution provider in Bangladesh.

Aegis Services Limited strive for continuous upgradation of process & services through establishing, implementing and maintaining the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards in business operations.

Moreover, Aegis Services Limited use modern business concepts and technologies to continually improve the quality and standard of all offerings.

Furthermore, continually arrange training & awareness to all the employees as per the standards & organization's needs to increase employee competency and skills. As a result, maintaining a high quality in service.


Aegis Security Forces (ASF)- known as security guards of Aegis Services Limited. In the delivery as a security service company, with disciplined and well-trained staff, AEGIS channelled efforts to ensure the correct level of security. Discretion, professionalism, conflict resolution, and above all level-headed judgement help to distinguish our security team from other security agencies in Bangladesh.
Security Guards of Aegis

As a permanent member of Bangladesh Private Security the Services Providers Association (BPSSPA) Member Directory, AEGIS has working experience with renowned organizations as our benevolent clients.

Dedicated and trained members of the best security force company- ASF create a safe and secure environment for operation and proudly facilitate business processes. Aegis Security Guard members are specially trained in safety for using electrical and mechanical tools/ equipment, conflict management, comforting awkward situations, etc.

Security for Industrial Premises

Aegis Industrial Security Services

Aegis has vast experience in providing industrial security services : guards & security equipment at some of the reputed industrial economic premises of the country. We maintain Comply with “Bangladesh Labour Law”. We have a specially trained security force for performing duties in different positions in corporate locations. They are well-trained about securing industrial environment.

Security for Corporate Premises

Aegis Security Guard for Corporate Premise

Aegis provides services of security for corporate compounds to various renowned business or organizational premises in Bangladesh. We provide full compliance services according to the “Labour law” of Bangladesh.

Security for Educational Premises

Aegis is providing security services to various well-reputed educational premises in Bangladesh including schools, colleges, and universities.

Aegis Security Guard for Educational Premise Services

Security Survey and Risk Assessment

Aegis assesses an organization’s security posture during a security survey and risk assessment, which also identifies potential security risks. Understanding the current state of security, identifying weak spots, and prioritizing security-enhancing measures are the objectives. A thorough security analysis of the company’s physical and technical security measures, staff interviews, and a review of policies and procedures are typically part of the process. The assessment’s output is typically a report with findings, suggestions, and a risk management strategy.

Executive Protection & Escort Security Services

Aegis provides Escort security services for clients with an individual company, typically for social or business purposes. The client may be escorted to events, gatherings, or travel destinations. The nature of the service and the level of intimacy involved can vary significantly, and in some cases. Escort agency may be illegal or regulated, and using them carries certain risks that should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, the legality of escort services varies greatly depending on Bangladeshi laws and regulations. From executives and VIPs to government officials and celebrities seeking security escort services, Aegis can be deployed to provide a safe and professional escort anywhere in Bangladesh.

Access Control System

ASF manages who is authorized to access, and physical security is designed to restrict or allow access to a certain area.

  • Controlling Crowd Management.
  • Event Security Management.
  • Identifying a user based on their credentials and then authorizing the appropriate level of access once they are authenticated.

Aegis K-9 Dog Squad

Aegis K-9 Dog Squad

AEGIS comprises well-trained German Shepherd dogs. Ex-dog trainers from Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps (RVFC) of Bangladesh Army are detailed to handle dogs for ensuring appropriate training. K-9 is dedicated to deploying –

  • Detecting explosives
  • Drugs To perform the task of security checks at different national and international event venues

Event Security Management Services

Specially trained team can provide expert crowd management for your event security services.

  • Various security equipment is used by our team for screening and access control systems.
  • We also provide brand promoters and artist management teams, escort service for VIP protection, and on-site patrolling service.
  • For screening the event venue and safe access control we provide Dog Squad Service (K-9).
Event Security Management by Aegis

Fire Protection & Detection System

Provides latest fire protection and prevention system as a fire safety company. Diesel Engine-Driven Fire Pump System, Electric-Driven Fire Pump, Jockey Pump, Sprinkler, Hose Rack Cabinet, Fire Door, Valves & Accessories Flexible Joint, Check Valve, Os & Y Gate Valve, Y-Strainer, Pressure Relief Valve, Ball Valve, Water Flow Meter, Pressure Gauge, Supervisory Switch, Auto Air Vent Valve, Water Flow Switch, Zone Control Valve, Seamless/Erw Ms Pipe, Addressable Fire Alarm System, Addressable Smoke Detector, Addressable Multi-Detector, External Power Supply, , Addressable Heat Detector, Addressable Manual Call Point, Addressable Beam Detector/ Conventional, Conventional Sounder with flasher, Input Module, Output Module are among those fire protection equipment.

Fire Protection and Detection Solution by AEGIS

CCTV Surveillances System

High quality CCTV Equipment System with complicated installation process support is faster through knowledgeable hand.

Latest Security Equipment

Provides Updated system can be 24/7 monitored comprising variety of features for smart home integration.

Facility Management Services

Aegis provides AC repair solution for your needs and budget.

IT and Network Services

Maintains top level of expertise and professionalism of the IT and Network Services. Committed, reliable and trustworthy team to quickly and efficiently resolve IT issues.

Other Building Automation System

HVAC, Intruder, GSM Home & Industrial Alarm System, Access Barrier Management System, PAVA System, Metal Detector and Scanning System, Lightening Protection System (LPS), Radio Communication System, Smart Home Automation .

Housekeeping Services

Aegis Housekeeping Services

The company have well-trained and experienced human resources with modern machinery. Aegis Service Limited use the cleaning equipment according to compliance. The services are:

  • Scrubbing, Polishing & Buffing Various Types of Floor
  • Cleaning Outside walls, Passageway & Roads
  • Vacuuming, Spotting, Shampooing, Drying carpet & Sofa
  • Cleaning Curtain, Sofa Covers, Cushions & Vertical Blinds
  • Cleaning of Windows, Chandeliers, Mirrors, Desktop & Furniture
  • Abseiling/ Exterior Glass Cleaning

Pest Control Services

Aegis Pest Control Services

Aegis has skilled human resources; they work for more than 10 years. While servicing, strongly maintain the chemicals and inventory management. Besides, having the reputation of the best Pest control services in dhaka BD, Aegis also offer to keep your high-risk area microbe free through sterilization service, especially for (OT, CCU, and ICU). above all, provide 24-hour emergency support. Services are-

  • Mosquito and Fly Prevention
  • Cockroach Control
  • Termite Control
  • Rats & Rodents Control
  • Bedbug Control
  • Snake Control
  • Fumigation for Microbial Sterilization


  • strictly follow the labor law of Bangladesh.
  • Longest training period (28 days) for security personnel in Bangladesh & we have highly professional trainers in our training centres.
  • All of security personnel are police verified.
  • All security personnel get their monthly salary within 1st day of the month.
  • Employees are motivated as they are entitled with Provident Fund as per provision of labor law.
  • All employees of Aegis are entitled with Gratuity. The amount of gratuity is calculated multiplied by 1.5 for employees serving above 10 years.
  • Security personnel are also entitled with yearly profit share.
  • Issue uniforms (include the ing seasonal attire) to security personnel of Aegis, which is free of cost for individual.
  • Aegis arranges full free accommodation facility along with necessary utility support for all the security personnel.
  • Employees are entitled with Festival Bonus for two major festivals.
  • Employees are facilitated with yearly incentive bonus.
  • Promotion process & declaration of promotion are ensured by 1st day of the year.
  • All security personnel are under the coverage of group term insurance
  • Security posts are under the coverage of liability insurance.
  • provide 50% subsidy at SQUARE Hospitals treatment for self and family member (spouse, parents, children up to 21 years).
  • All employees are facilitated up to 25% discount offer on purchase of all products from Square Pharmaceuticals.
  • Security personnel are entitled to purchase Square products at a discounted rate.
  • All security personnel are qualified in unarmed combat, firefighting & work oriented training curriculum
  • Arrange maximum number of skill development training for all security personnel throughout the year.
  • Licensed from The Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) [3] under the Ministry of Labour and Employment Bangladesh.

Quality Assurance

Aegis has proved itself dependable and trustworthy over last 23 years by ensuring quality services. For assurance of quality service, we maintain below mentioned systematic approach:

  • Professional management team
  • 24/7 Control Room & Support Team
  • SMS alert service during emergencies
  • Emergency response team
  • Wireless communication coverage

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