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The Action Shock Rocks are an army of Rock Lord drones created to defend Magmar's fortress of Stonehead in the GoBots franchise. They consist of three types: Dragon Stone, Blast Rock, and Stun Stone, each of which transforms from a spherical rock.

Rock Lords

Animated series

French Rock Lords VHS tape cover

Stun Stone appeared on a French VHS Rock Lords video cover art, although he was not on the video.


Fun Publications

Magmar created the Aciton Shock Rock drones in order to make Stonehead impervious to invasion, but despite this advantage found himself on the ropes against the noble Rock Lords, Jewel Lords, and Fossil Lords. As such, he forged an alliance with Cy-Kill and the Renegades, and together they succeeded in capturing Leader-1, Boulder, and General Newcastle while all three were present at a peace treaty signing and took them back to Stonehead as captives. However, the Guardians and their allies were able to trick their way into the midst of the enemy under guise of a surrender, and then played Cy-Kill's ego to their advantage. The ensuing struggle between Magmar and Cy-Kill's forces and the heroes allowed Nuggit and Scooter to reach the Action Shock Rock drone controls, and they pitted the Blast Rock and Stun Stone units against the Dragon Stones. The Dragon Stones were destroyed, and about half of the others survived to attack the Renegade Combiners, drawing Monsterous away and allowing for an even face-off between Guardian and Renegade giants.



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