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Ace McCloud
Centurions character
Ace McCloud toy box
First appearance

The Centurions, episode 1, "The Sky Is On Fire", April 7th, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Neil Ross (English)
Rhual Rogers (Spanish)
Species Human



Air Operations Expert

Ace McCloud is a fictional character from the Centurions series in 1986. He was voiced by Neil Ross.


Daring Air Operations Expert: Donning a blue power suit, he is a brave but cocky womanizer who is sometimes at odds with Jake Rockwell. His weapon systems are best suited for aerial missions, including one specially designed for battles in space.


One Early name for Ace McCloud was Jim Earhart.

The Skybolt Assault Weapons System was developed under the name Streak, and initially had the wings reversed.[1]

In the second year of the toy line new Assault Weapons Systems for Ace were designed. These included the Aero-Sault and Strato Strike, but neither was released before the line was canceled. Ace used Strato Strike in the Centurions animated series.

Animated series

Ace McCloud was one of the main characters of The Centurions animated series, and appeared in every episode.

In episode 1, "The Sky Is On Fire", The Centurions arrive at the Oceania Research Station to transport a powerful cryogenic freeze ray. Hacker and several Traumatizers sneak in to the facility. Thanks to help from Amber, who is disguised as the admiral's assistant Susan Smith, they steal the ray. Even with the help of Wild Weasel, Skyknight and Cruiser Hacker and Amber escape with the ray in submarines. Doc Terror launches a fleet of Strafers equipped with plasma warheads to ignite the Val Allen belt. The resulting magnetic storm knocks the aircraft carrying the Centurions into the ocean. They are saved when Skyvault beams Max Tidal Blast, and he is able to carry the wrecked plane to New York City. Terror issues an ultimatum that unless the world delivers a document of surrender to him within 12 hours he will not use the ray to save the world. The World Council vote to submit to Terror's plan, but it is delivered by Max on Terror's sky ship, disguised as the World Council president. When Terror learns Max's identity he drops Max out of the ship. Although the Centurions loose Terror, Max theorizes that can find Terror by calculating the perfect location for the ray to be fired, which Crystal calculates to be the mountains of Tibet. When the Centurions arrive they are greeted by Hacker and Terror, who take their wrist communicators and imprison them. Max uses wire from his bed springs to conduct lightning and knock down the door on their cell. The Centurions are able to get to a communications counsel and send off a signal to Skyvault just as they are discovered. Crystal sends them Cruiser, Skyknight and Fireforce. With the Centurions gaining the upper hand, Terror, Hacker and Amber escape in a secret tunnel and set the mountain to explode behind them. Escaping the explosion with the ray in hand, Ace uses Orbital Interceptor to fly into the belt and use the belt's energy to power the ray that puts out the fire. Jake celebrates by making his famous chili. Ace celebrates by doing an educational video on Saturn's rings.[2]

In episode 15, "Cold Calculations", Ace used Skyknight and Skybolt weapon systems and fought a robot sea serpent.


DC Comics

In the DC Comics Centurions story "Time Bomb" Doc Terror attempted to trick the Centurions by having them take a bomb, disguised as a recovered a cyborg Eskimo, to Sky Vault. Terror attempted to distract the Centurions by having them chase three fake missiles across the globe. Ace McCloud beamed to China where he fought a flying aircraft carrier full of Strafers. Jake Rockwell beamed to Africa where he fought a robot duplicate of Hacker. Max Ray followed a missile to Lake Michigan. Eventually Max Ray saw through this trick at the last moment and beamed the Eskimo into deep space before he exploded. In this story Ace used Skybolt and Orbital Interceptor weapons systems.[3]


  • Kenner Centurions Ace McCloud and Skyknight Assault Weapons System (1986)
Comes with the Ace McCloud figure and Skyknight.
Ace can combine with the any Centurions Assault Weapons System, although in fiction he only uses the five other intended for him, or combinations of them.
Skyknight has been depicted in fiction combining with Ace McCloud, Max Ray, the Power Pack and Aero-Sault.
  • Kenner Centurions Orbital Interceptor Assault Weapons System (1986)
  • Kenner Centurions Skybolt Assault Weapons System (1986)
  • Kenner Centurions Aero-Sault Assault Weapons System (unreleased)
Contains 10 pieces. Can be combined with the Skyknight and Power Pack.
  • Kenner Centurions Strato Strike Assault Weapons System (unreleased)



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