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Abimbola Olumuyiwa
Born November 10, 1992
Ibadan, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Author

Abimbola Olumuyiwa (born 10 November 1992 in Ibadan) is an Nigerian author popularly known for her book Built for More: Living a Life of Purpose in a Crazy World.[1][2]


Abimbola Olumuyiwa is a writer who has a passion to see people live in the fullness of their potential and purpose. She has partnered with several organizations to mentor and curate relatable content for young people on leadership and personal development principles. Abimbola is also a chartered accountant and finance manager who currently works at a Fortune 20 company. Prior to this role, she worked in consulting before returning to graduate school to obtain her MBA. Abimbola has lived in three countries including the United States where she currently resides. She is happily married to Kayode and together they are raising their beautiful family. Find out more about Abimbola at www.abimbolaolumuyiwa.com

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